Hit Monkey or KingPin

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hi folks. In my next rank up, I'm with a question, Kingpin or Hit Monkey to r3, 6 star?
both are unduped, with Hood buff I'm think in kingpin can help me more, I believe that Ghost,Wasp, Hood and Kingpin are a great team.
But Hit Monkey is so cool.... I'm not what do...

Hit Monkey or KingPin 27 votes

6 star Hit Monkey unduped
AinyUnsilentCeltic1981SchnoodleThe_Big_ManSlumpGodXandude32 7 votes
6 star KingPin unduped
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  • The_Big_ManThe_Big_Man Posts: 43
    6 star Hit Monkey unduped
    I would say that hitmonkey is far better as an attacker than kingpin, but also alright for defender diversity, but kingpin is better for defense on like a window of opportunity stun node.
  • crazygodzcrazygodz Posts: 12
    Stuck with the same dilemma.
  • LpooLpoo Posts: 335 ★★
    6 star KingPin unduped
    Personal preference is kingpin, but both are strong skill champs that purify and deal better-than-average damage
  • ErcarretErcarret Posts: 982 ★★★
    6 star KingPin unduped
    I chose Kingpin but one thing to consider is that Hit-Monkey might benefit from the increased health pool more since he's fairly squishy. Kingpin, meanwhile, is already a tank.

    I still prefer the King but it might be worth taking into account before making a decision.
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