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Would my roster work for completing Act 4?

Hi folks. I’m working through the story quest and Im on the last chapter of Act 4. I would like advice from more experience players (so basically everyone here). The opponents in Act 4 are getting harder so I’m wondering if folks think my roster could beat the final boss (Maestro). Should I just go for it with what I have (see pic) or should I rank these ones up more? Do I even have the right team? Any other thoughts for beating maestro?


  • TheBair123TheBair123 Posts: 4,301 ★★★★★
    you could maybe do it with some boosts, but i would recommend using good 3*s rather than using average 4*s. what does your 3* roster look like?
  • FrigoFrigo Posts: 8
    My 3 star roster has way more champion choices (see pics). Do you think any of these ones are useful vs Maestro(I could ranked up if needed)?
    Also, just curious why use 3 stars... I thought ppl would favor taking in the biggest guys

  • ThatOneSaviourThatOneSaviour Posts: 76
    You can definitely complete it, you have an awakened 4* CMM which should be more than enough.
  • ThatOneSaviourThatOneSaviour Posts: 76
    Do you have any 3 stars that would be useful for synergies with your 4 stars? Because that could help.
  • Thanos1149Thanos1149 Posts: 1,136 ★★★
    Yes you can do act 4 with this roster, but act 5 would be a bit tough unless you’re very skilled
  • ThatOneSaviourThatOneSaviour Posts: 76
    Yes. What I’d recommend is put 3 stars that synergise with one of the 4 stars on your team (only decent/good synergies, no point of putting random ones) and throughout your journey, you’ll get enough ISO-8 and materials to upgrade your champions so you can be ready for Act 5 too; your CMM is already a great start. Obviously, if you cannot find any good synergies for your 4 star champions with your 3 star champions, that’s fine. Your CMM should do you good. Just don’t forget to upgrade your champions with the materials and ISO-8 you obtain on the way!
  • FrigoFrigo Posts: 8
    Thanks. There are some nifty synergies between my 3stars and my 4 stars that I hadn’t considered before (Like increase power gain and armour) which would be helpful.
    Up to now, I was just upgrading champs based on whoever seemed to deal good damage... I’ll take a closer look at my 3 stars and see what combinations I could try out.
  • FrigoFrigo Posts: 8
    Thx everyone...your advice is very appreciated
    Just to update: after a few tries I Managed to complete the end of Act 4 and Captain Marvel (movie) was a mvp. I used attack boost and I also got a 5 star from a crystal before the last 2 parts. At first having a 5 star helped so I ranked him up but that didn’t help much later on against maestro (cap marvel did practically all the attacking).
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