Nimrod deep dive

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    Wow, he looks just as good as the rest of the champs this year.

    This and a copy-pasted ghost kit. Whoopee
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    Watching nimrods i just like kitty more not because damage but utility nimrod synergies do suggest mastermold i believe but its just another shock tech if sentinel would of liked nimrod getting both shock and incinerates since hes still a sentinel but more advanced so the immunity to aar is only good thing since does counter mutants for mags and domino who has some aar in base kits
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    mastermind has to be the we are many, right?

    And Omega Sentinel would be the new wave one

    Edit: there’s a third question mark? lordie
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    Kappa2g said:

    Nimrod's gonna be the next AQ boss isn't he?

    Could be Mangog as well
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    "armor breaks cannot remove armor up"
    At least Medusa/Aarkus still able to counter him tho... if i'm not wrong, also he generate so much buffs which means *laugh in mystic*
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    armor breaks cannot remove armor up

    well then what do you want me to do, whip an armor shatter out of nowhere?

    You can apply armor shatter. You just can't remove the armor up buffs
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    Atleast your able to still counter him with a cosmic, they just had to get him around magneto which isn’t the worst thing being he is from the future and more advanced. Yes that is by far the best sp3 I have seen so far!
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