Watched multiple War fights with defender kills that didn't register

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So have others seen this? Watched the opposition fight, die, fight, die again, revive and win. Yet it showed the champ only got one kill.

Then I watched them fight the boss and die. Clearly showed the loss of life, yet the boss doesn't show the kill. 10 minutes later they finished him and it still shows no kills.

How is this possible?


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    There’s quite a big delay between the death and it registering, tricks a lot of people, check back 20 minutes later and if number hasn’t changed then yeah it maybe a bug, also if there isn’t any life coming off the defender they may just be in the prefight screen reading abilities or something and not actually entering the fight, that starts a visual timer as well
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    It was the last hour. Wish the post results would show node kills and not just per person. But I did actually watch and see their Champs KO'd. The one boss fight there was a solid 10-15 min delay between the next guy that finished him. Still showed zero kills for the boss. And the kilamonger fight before still only showed one about 20 minutes after even though there were two.

    I just happened to be on when I saw them fighting so I was looking at how their Champs fared. And the one guy went from KO'd to minimal health to near full as he revived and restored. So definitely not a time out. The timers weren't close to zero either.

    Will have to pay closer attention next time, if I catch it.
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    More impressed that they didn’t manage to solo that war boss, fury would make it easy
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    More impressed that they didn’t manage to solo that war boss, fury would make it easy

    Yeah. Wasn't my choice,but we didn't care about losing so I figured I'd see how he did.
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