QoL UX improvement for Selectors and Purchasing

These changes would create a much smoother experience when purchasing sigil selectors and reduce frustration caused by forced selector decisions without access to the information that informs those decisions.


  • RichardSlugbergRichardSlugberg Posts: 76 ★★
    I wanted to bump up this suggestion. Since I posted it the display of the expended resource has been added and that's been a great improvement.

    The ability to skip/shorten the confirmation screen, and the ability to spend from the stash, should not impact design intent. Currently doing something like buying the six catalyst conversions from the black iso store, every week, feels tedious.

    The ability to push to the stash and re-open these offers is a frequent point of complaint, we have to know what we're going to select before we complete content, claim rewards or purchase offers with selectors - while a sense of urgency may be intentional, being able to quickly check on your champions or inventory will prevent some frustration.
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