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My units..where are they?

I bought my semi yearly Odins chest.
My units were never credited. I Contacted support (big help) 6 hrs later I still have not gotten what I paid for. I recieved one response asking for my proof of transaction...then just radio silence. Nothing. I'm trying to remain calm here as I don't want to get banned...but someone at kabam needs to wake up thier support staff and get me what i paid for. Almost 3 years here and things like this are really trying my patience.


  • Hey there CitizenBrain, I'm very sorry to hear of your missing Units.

    Unfortunately, we don't handle account specific things here on the forums, so I must ask that you hold out for a response from Support. It's great that you contacted them so quickly to get the ball rolling, so it's simply a matter of waiting now.

    As we can't assist with this, and you've taken the steps you needed to, this particular thread will be closed, but I hope they find out where your Units went for you soon!
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