Should I rank up an awakened 5 star Falcon or an unawakened 6-star?

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I love using Falcon in AW. He solves most of the problems difficult defenders pose. Not sure which I should rank up (or up first at least)

Should I rank up an awakened 5 star Falcon or an unawakened 6-star? 34 votes

Take 6-star unawakened Falcon to rank 2
RaganatorbuffajrTerraSw0rdMasterBugmat78SeraphionSoulOfDarknessThicco_ModeTed_n00bgentIronGladiator22Doctor_Strange19ChaosMax1012thewass1980SirGamesBondNalak8Draconic_12NihalFayazchelanxarNickChi 19 votes
Take 5-star sig 70 Falcon to rank 5
ReferenceJuggerNotEwell65SSS69ErcarretRax38Zephyre330casual0ScrubhanjbxotiicWasy1ARS7NGrassKnuckles 12 votes
Don’t rank up either. Overrated
KennadoNimsKetchum 2 votes
Rank up both eventually. Flip a coin which one first
Lightburn22 1 vote
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  • IcePickIcePick Posts: 185
    This is fascinating for me. I’m glad I made a poll about this because if you go to seatin’s tier list he will have Falcon as someone who needs to be high sig tk be solid guide tier. Another big site says he doesn’t need to be awakened at all but is better duped at high sig

    Questions for Falcon fans - How much better damage does he actually do? He has the same utility if awakened or not. So os the damage boost not enough to rank up the five star version first? Or am I missing something.
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    Take 6-star unawakened Falcon to rank 2
    Any falcon you want, but rank em up
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    Take 6-star unawakened Falcon to rank 2
    I have a r5 sig 120 falcon and he seems fine. Not sure if I will dump more sigs in to him as he crits often. His sig ability makes the locked on last 2 seconds longer which is good and increases his critical rating which I believe is how often he crits, someone correct me if I'm wrong here. So more crits more total damage. I personally like seeing the constant yellow numbers while locked on.
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    Take 5-star sig 70 Falcon to rank 5
    He is a utility god even without his sig, but his sig makes him hit significantly harder. At max sig, you almost have guaranteed crits when locked on.

    Unless you plan on r3'ing him and have a skill t5cc that you can use either now or in the somewhat near future, I'd say go with the 5*. An awakened 5r5 is way better than an unawakened 6r2.

    I would definitely consider r3'ing him but you do you. I don't know what your roster looks like.
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