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Do Android users suffer parry, dex issue?

rockykostonrockykoston Posts: 1,141 ★★★
I am sorry but this statement by Kabam lacks evidence. I've missed more parries in the last 2 months than I've done in past 2 years before the update. Either the animations are sped up or parry window is shorter, especially when the opposing champ is quite close.

Do Android users suffer parry, dex issue? 45 votes

Parry is a problem
Sundance_2099Cage_1raviXsharmaCheefTacoKonstant45 5 votes
Dexing is a problem
Parry, Dex both are ongoing problems
BigPoppaCBONESonSonjdrum663WayntosLogan00GrinchhhDylanphileBugmat78No_oneukLattughinoGhostrunner01Bus82Thoye3TSR6225LBN1SurfinwalrusNihalFayaz 17 votes
Parry, dex fails occasionally
kikiFurieuxGrootman1294ChampioncriticJimmyBScarXWeenerCaleb705AndreEcaDerrek2021 9 votes
Parry, dex works well and fails rarely
damianohmKerneas 2 votes
No problem on Android
Total_Domin01Furious_Fighter1Jamnik78Ackbar67FenicoBrHunter67360magnus_xix 7 votes
I'm not using android
ShaggyMCat_MurdockKen1378HoitadoGrassKnuckles 5 votes


  • Caleb705Caleb705 Posts: 65
    Parry, dex fails occasionally
    I play on a Samsung S21+ and since July have pretty consistently had problems with dex not being input late as a parry, and parries and blocks not registering at all. Since the hot fix was pushed out there's also been a big problem with frames stuttering or the game freezing completely. From everything I've read on the forums this seems to be pretty standard
  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 7,634 ★★★★★

    A lot of people aren’t reading the full statement.

    Read this response

    What they’re saying is there are two issues.

    The larger parry/dex timing issue is specific to iOS only. It literally hasn’t changed anything in the android operating system so there is 0 chance, nada, that the android users are experiencing the parry/dex timing issue. They have only updated the IOS unity version.

    However, Miike also says that there is the secondary issue of lagging and stuttering, and they believe that this is what is causing android players to have parry dex issues.

    The difference is that IOS players have the Parry dex issue. Android players have a Parry dex issue.

    They hope to fix this stuttering and lagging in 32.3 and 33.0, which should take care of the parry and dex issues for android players if (as they suspect) the parry dex issues are caused by the stuttering and lagging. But for iOS players, the unity problem won’t be fixed for another few months.

    They aren’t saying you don’t have any issues, they’re saying you don’t have THE issue.

    Fyi, my phone doesn't stutter or lag, it's the parry, dex timing that's off
    Ok, but they’re not saying you don’t have issues. They’re saying any issues you are facing simply cannot be caused by the unity update, because that only altered iOS devices. This isn’t an opinion, it’s a fact.

    We will see if their fixed in 32.3 and 33.0 fix the issue you are facing, until then, please just accept that Kabam aren’t saying android users are imagining parry and dex issues, that’s misinformation
  • Hey there, as some have mentioned, there is already a post and a discussion thread going for this topic that include our full statements and go into much more detail on the matter. We would highly encourage folks to check these out so they can get the full context and information on this.
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