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Where are the nexus cav comp

As I have mentioned I have recently received cavalier nexus crystal with the wrong drop rates from the hero crystal daily shards
Any update on when comp is coming for this


  • TC1TC1 Posts: 54
    I have received mine. So i guess keep an eye out. Maybe also verify you’re entitled to compensation based on when you made the purchase?
  • GeopallyGeopally Posts: 17
    I have yet to receive mine and I know my drop rates weren’t the best at all either.
  • DrCharizardDrCharizard Posts: 3
    I haven’t received mine either. Not sure why I know other players have already.
  • I’ve not got mine either, bought the deal first thing as well.
  • Zan0Zan0 Posts: 4,359 ★★★★★
    If you haven’t gotten it yet you most likely won’t because you bought it after they were fixed
  • I legit bought them at 10:48 the day it dropped. not sure when it was patched but I was within 1 hour of them being released. not sure what time the patch went live to fix rates. didnt get comp
  • LawnchairLawnchair Posts: 44
    Patch fix was sent out roughly 40-45mins from what Ive gathered...maybe someone from kabam will confirm...or send a ticket?
  • xBearxxBearx Posts: 61
    Wait was the "Cavalier Otherwordly Nexus Crystal" wrong drop rate? Because i bought it right away when it came out.
  • TC1TC1 Posts: 54
    @xBearx no this was for the Card that included regular cavalier nexus crystals. I wanna say it came out last week
  • xBearxxBearx Posts: 61
    @TC1 Thank you for clarifying.
  • O2T said:

    Hey thanks everyone for commenting
    I bought the hero crystal offer not even half an hour after it came out.
    I haven't received mine
    I guess I'll have to go onto support :/

    Same for me. Do you expect them to not make a mess of it lol

  • GurujoseGurujose Posts: 5
    Kabam can we get some type of update about what time the crystals was fixed.
  • Dkcody42Dkcody42 Posts: 176 ★★
    I have no idea what time they were fixed however I bought them pretty soon after they dropped and in all honesty I was fully expecting to receive compensation. I however have not.
  • Mpqdr72Mpqdr72 Posts: 7
    I bought it like 30 minutes in and it had the old drop rates. Still haven’t gotten any compensation either.
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