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I'm glad that Kabam John came on to discuss the new Guillotine buff, and the overall disappointment with it, and I was expecting a lot of insight into why she was re-designed to what most people consider a nerf, and what's being done to make her more like she was but with actual kit buffs (like Nebula as a perfect example), but I was VERY disappointed at the outcome of that discussion thread.

In the end it came off as "we think the buff was great and might only look at adjusting her healing a little, but you guys got a great buff for your community vote". The overall response seemed very tone deaf and in the end I think Guillotine is just going to be a mediocre community voted champ buff and we should be happy with what we get the end...

Am I in the minority thinking this way about how their response came off?

I DO hope they do more of those sessions, because it's awesome to have an opportunity to discuss game elements with the dev team directly though.


    I hope kabam does another community vote champ buff and nobody participates. This whole thing was absolute garbage.
    I love kabam John and what he does but he messed up on this “buff” and he knows it. They’re just trying to stick it to the player base by not folding! They gave in with the hood buff and clearly regretted that lol
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    Maybe when they see that the usage bump is short lived they will reconsider. Probably not, but maybe lol
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    No disrespect but I'm gonna be Blunt
    I don't really get the point of accepting and taking in Feedback on things like this, if the conclusion is just gonna be "Well the Team is happy with the outcome, so that's the end of that."
    That kind of stonewall response makes Feedback Irrelevant, the point of taking in Feedback is to get the Outside Opinion and to see what the Players think. As well if the Majority of the Feedback is in agreement with something, like the Guilly Rework having Issues and in some cases Flat Nerfs, then that should be taken Very Seriously.
    The Regen Change that's coming apparently is only because the Team thought it could use a Bump, there wasn't any mention of the Community's Overwhelmingly Negative Feedback on the Regen being considerably Worse than it's Original State meaning that Feedback didn't even matter either.

    It wasn't a feedback session. It was a " Doubt clearing" session
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    What’s with all the hate. She is good and no one ever mentions her in a “top champ” or “top mystic”discussion. So what’s the big deal.
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