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RE AI interception



  • Daddrieda said:

    I mean come on.. we all have been at that state where the AI is making something impossible and taking advantage of it for being a computer. We all know exactly the point of this thread is about. You can play extremely good, but the AI will always kick your butt sooner or later because our human tap tap tap movement skill data is what feeding those AI to be better than us.

    Today in incursion I barely even started to do my moves and the AI knew exactly what I was gonna do so I don’t know how to really explain this further. Kabam have cranked up their AI system and we obviously need to be “get good” than the AI now, but the question is how much “get good” can we actually be before kabam can take that data and improved their AI further more?

    I do love me some good challenge, but not to the point where the AI read my moves and making it impossible to read their moves and it should have some kind of balance.

    Someone of them can even re-parry or break your combo.

    I notice as well,that now they can even parry your heavy. Is it possibile?
    It's called the 'stand your ground mastery'. It's been around for years now. The AI tends to heavy parry when block is triggered during an heavy. Though this is not guaranteed
    Ok well, I have been playing almost for 7 yrs now and I never had this problem. There was time when u could parry and stun the opponent on their special and it was very sweet interactiion ❤️.
    I was used to do a lot. Then guess what? They changed it.

    Anyway I will be more attentive on heavy spam.
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