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Even the worst science champ of 2021 is better than sorcerer supreme

It should be no secret to many of you that I am a sorcerer supreme hater. I find her to be one of the most overrated, god awful characters in this godforsaken game. So imagine my barely contained glee when kabam releases a sorcerer supreme clone that gets panned upon release with some people (including myself) listing him as one of the worst champs released this year. Well, Anti-Venom outperforms sorcerer supreme in nearly every aspect of her kit, and here’s why.

A) Damage

I don’t think it’s any secret that both sorcerer supreme and Anti-Venom have visible shortcomings in the damage department, namely due large rampup times and having to sacrifice the majority of their utility to access noticeable damage. Honestly, this would be one of the few departments I would give the edge to sorcerer supreme in. Her damage is fairly simple to access: simply spam armor break and reap the rewards. Yes, it takes forever, but it’s fairly consistent once it’s up, coming at the cost of the champion having virtually no practical utility with all of these armor breaks. Anti-venom’s rampup is conversely quite painful, and the end result after L3 followed by an L2 with a multitude of debuffs is respectable, but having spent all of this time just for some 12K mediums leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, especially considering Anti-Venom suffering the same fate of losing nearly all utility.

SorcMeme: B-
AntiMeme: C

Synergies: although this doesn’t really fit under damage it doesn’t fit under utility either and doesn’t really merit its own category.

Sorcerer supreme basically does not have synergies. They provide no support to her or other members of her team.

Antivenom’s synergies help him very little, but can provide a nontrivial boost to both S2099 and Mr. Negative, therefore he takes the win in this category basically by default.

SorcMeme: F
AntiMeme: B-

B) Utility

Sorcerer supreme is known as a “utility champ”, so surely she should have better utility in nearly every category of what is classified as utility, right?

Immunities: well, not this one lol. Antivenom has immunity to incinerate and poison which can make suicide masteries more viable and hazard shift in alliance war a point and click adventure. Sorcerer has a measure of energy resistance that is barely noticeable in most matchups, and negative physical resistance.

SorcMeme: D
AntiMeme: B+

Power Control: Anti Venom possesses no form of power control, and while sorcerer has only a weak power steal in one stance, it’s more than enough to give her the edge in the category.

SorcMeme: C
AntiMeme: F

Viability with suicide masteries: This is pretty self explanatory: sorc is near useless with suicides. Antivenom has immunity to poison and can run an L3 spam rotation with L2 to finish the fight if one wishes to avoid recoil.

SorcMeme: D-
AntiMeme: B

Nullify: Typically when rating a mystic champ against a science champ the clear edge in nullifying would go to the mystic champ. However, Anti-venom breaks many of the traditional molds of the science champ. His heavy attacks apply a stagger lasting the same duration as Dr. Doom’s heavy stagger, and can stack up to 2. Sorcerer only possesses nullify on her Sp1, a special you typically don’t want to use, and a proximity nullify afterwards. The proximity aspect makes this fairly unhelpful when in a pinch, for example when baiting specials and simultaneously needing to nullify.

AntiMeme: B-
SorcMeme: C-

Dealing with unstoppable/evade: this is the first area in which I feel sorcerer is severely overrated. Her slow debuff doesn’t work against science champions, which make up the majority of the evade champions in the game. Additionally, her kit already possesses the Sp1 nullify to deal with unstoppable buffs, making it redundant for her to have both in the same kit. Who has unstoppable in their kit and also happens to be immune to nullify? Thing, a science champ. Antivenom possesses a venom type counter to evade against spider-verse champions, the most common evaders, and through his decelerate can after 30 hits completely shut down both evade and unstoppable in any matchup, with no restrictions on class matchup. Yes, both can have slow with no real downtime, but it’s far easier for antivenom to pivot into a damage stance if needed, and his slow and evade prevention mechanics are much more practical.

SorcMeme: B-
AntiMeme: A

Heal reducal/reversal: this category is nonexistent for sorcerer, while Antivenom can respectably reduce or reverse healing with a degree of ease after a paltry 20-40 hits. Neither approach capiw or void level, but the heal reversal is more than enough to hold up in alliance war.

SorcMeme: F
Antimeme: B+

Regeneration when blocking: finally, what many consider the most valuable part of sorcerer’s kit. When sorcerer activates a special with the “blue” rune, she gains a small regeneration for about 1.5% of her max health, and the ability to recover damage from blocked hits by 75%. There already aren’t many situations where this is useful in my opinion, but I’ll suspend my disbelief for now. Antivenom can through his sig ability gain the exact same benefit for up to 65% of the damage taken. This is only 10% less, and comes without sacrificing damage or utility. His sig ability also can provide an up to 50% boost to the potency of his debuffs, making it something worth having regardless of the signature level. Sorcerer’s regen is certainly helpful for scenarios where dexterity will end poorly for the player, but Antivenom can do the same thing with only slightly reduced potency, and is canned for it. (Also this ability is pretty useless anyway just intercept lol)

SorcMeme: B
Antimeme: C

In conclusion, Antivenom nearly exactly mirrors the cornerstones of sorcerer’s kit, and can do many of her functions better. Yet he is recognized as being absolutely horrible, and sorcerer is widely praised as being “a top tier mystic”. Why? They both perform the same function in most of the scenarios. Thanks for reading, if you read this all, you’re kind of weird but I appreciate you.

TL;DR: Antivenom sucks and he’s still objectively better than sorcerer supreme lol


  • SpeedbumpSpeedbump Posts: 1,413 ★★★
    Um, I think the secret is out....
  • GoddessIliasGoddessIlias Posts: 623 ★★★

    Pretty weird and random crusade against a fantastic champ

    Crusade would imply I’ve done this multiple times, when this is just one post. Also, please outline what’s fantastic, I seem to have overlooked it. All love though ✌️
  • the_eradicatorthe_eradicator Posts: 264 ★★★
    I ain't wasting my time reading that rubbish
  • Gildarts99Gildarts99 Posts: 130
    Wow.u really wrote all this about a fantastic champ?how weird indeed.lol
  • Gildarts99Gildarts99 Posts: 130
    Wow.u really wrote all this about a fantastic champ?how weird indeed.lol
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