Nerf AQ Map 4 and 5 defenders

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This is really crazy. The attack and health at day 1 today felt like day 5 of last week.
Please nerf them.
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  • Scarcity27Scarcity27 Posts: 1,906 ★★★★★
    Didn't you make a post about this today already?
  • LordPSNLordPSN Posts: 799 ★★★★
    @Scarcity27 I wanted to confirm if 6stars were really in map 4!
    This post is asking for map 4 and map 5 to be nerfed
  • smdam38smdam38 Posts: 328
    I’m in an alliance by myself and just run map 2 for a bit of glory.
    There’s 6 stars there as well. But it’s map 2 so not really much of an issue.
  • JamesA15JamesA15 Posts: 4
    Map 1 has 6* as well
  • TheBoogyManTheBoogyMan Posts: 2,094 ★★★★★
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    It's not that hard if you don't get hit. If you get hit, then it's not the correct map for you I guess.

    I saw your other post where you're fighting over a champ who's 41k health in AQ map. How on earth did you defeat the 300k health sentinel to become cavalier?

    I don't really see the problem with 6 star champs in aq. Yes their attack rate is higher, and health pool is slightly bigger than 5 star champs. But they don't regen when they hit you, unlike 6 star champs on attack. So what's the problem with them in aq maps 4-5.
  • TheBoogyManTheBoogyMan Posts: 2,094 ★★★★★
    Treo said:

    @TheBoogyMan what map are you playing in Aq where you do not have this sudden increase in pi on opponents ?

    I do map 5 with epic mods. It's not that hard.
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    LordPSN said:

    @Scarcity27 I wanted to confirm if 6stars were really in map 4!
    This post is asking for map 4 and map 5 to be nerfed

    Iirc on the first post, your team looks like it could play map 6?

    Though, that aside. The good news is that they are giving more points or no?
  • zuffyzuffy Posts: 1,836 ★★★★★
    I didn’t noticed any difference with our map 4. Our starting prestige is 10966.
  • Nameless_IWNameless_IW Posts: 779 ★★★
    I really don't see a problem with the introduction of 6" defenders in map 5 and 4 and 3, 2 and 1 for that matter. As long as game controls are perfect, dexterity and parry masteries working as intended. The problem here is the game is in such a bad shape, block not registering, dexterity and parry working 50% of the time, game lagging, frame drops, so on and so forth.

    So yeah nerf the defenders LOL. game sometimes is completely unplayable due to the reasons explained above.

  • I lost nearly half my life of a 5* r5 Warlock just parrying 5 times here on day 3 in Map 5. Literally parried 5 or 6 times and half my life gone.

    A 5* r5 CapIW took 37 hits to defeat a drone. Literally doing so much less damage than normal.

    This is ridiculous.
  • SandPounderSandPounder Posts: 290 ★★★
    It’s the “challenge rating” of these defenders kicking in. You pretty much have to be using an R3 attacker to offset this…. Alliance run Map 4/5 for a reason, and it’s not for a challenge
  • That second human torch on map 5 is really not fun with block and evade not working right. Glad this is a known mistake by Kabam
  • DaMunkDaMunk Posts: 1,882 ★★★★
    Lol. Look at map 6 it's worse than map 8 now, as far as champ PI and attack. Big oops from someone
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