Thanks for the escapism

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A quick au revoir, and thank you to the game team for Covid escapism. I’m in the china region, so will be locked out soon. Hopefully I’ll get a workaround and be back sharpish. We shall see.

I’m going to post my roster, more as a reminder of all of the time invested into the game by many within China. The short notice hurts, but we know the score.

I hope to be back, others won’t have that option. I really think a leaving gift is in order.

Lots of problems with the game, I’ve had my fair share of tantrums, but the echo chamber effect does magnify issues, to a degree. Ignore that, play at your own pace, and the fun comes back.

Kabam, I know it’s a difficult time in the industry atm. Keep at it, please!

Also, China can be difficult. We all know that. If no resolution is possible, why not provide an offline version with maybe just LoL and special quests to practice on?



  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 7,710 ★★★★★
    would a VPN work?
  • RillianRillian Posts: 514 ★★★

    Something here about iOS technical updates. I remember reading something recently about apples China iCloud services being moved fully under Chinese control. I can’t remember the details. Might be related.
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 19,498 ★★★★★
    so terribly sorry you can play

    hopefully everything works out so you can play soon
  • Krishna24Krishna24 Posts: 186
    I have no idea about this just saying, If the problem is with apple device why don't you switch to other devices to continue the game.
  • SkyLord7000SkyLord7000 Posts: 3,324 ★★★★★
    Could you get the game from the American App Store (creating a new Apple ID), and then log in with your Kabam Account on MCoC?
  • RillianRillian Posts: 514 ★★★

    Could you get the game from the American App Store (creating a new Apple ID), and then log in with your Kabam Account on MCoC?

    I hope so, that’s my plan anyway. Totally out of reach for the majority of Chinese players however
  • Total_Domin01Total_Domin01 Posts: 617 ★★★
    Hope that works, good luck
  • ShadowstrikeShadowstrike Posts: 1,900 ★★★★
    We will miss you here at Marvel super contest!
  • RillianRillian Posts: 514 ★★★
    Thanks all
  • Konstant45Konstant45 Posts: 538 ★★★★
    edited November 2021
    literally 1984
    goodluck dude, hope you find fun and happiness in your journeys ahead...
  • fatalazyfatalazy Posts: 19
    Use a VPN, dude.
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