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7 Hr Solo Event

Are we only doing Tech Combat now for the 7 Hour Solo Event? It’s on the third one in a row.


  • KrishEvansKrishEvans Posts: 5

    I am also facing same issue and with same 7hr solo event. TECH COMBAT. 😠 How many times? It was mentioned that 7hr events are totally random but not immediately repetitive. Then WHY IS THIS?
  • This happened just the other week as well. All combats. This is next level beating the odds.
  • LilMaddogHTLilMaddogHT Posts: 959 ★★★★
    Those Tech Combats were all 'different' in the fact that the Combo ender bonus was different. Tech Special 1, Tech Light, and Tech Heavy.
  • TheExit27TheExit27 Posts: 346 ★★
    Here’s a suggestion from November 2020:

    I understand that this issue isn't necessarily an issue for everyone, but I focus my playing around the Solo Event Challenges (let's call them SECs for now). I try to coordinate "Hero Use" & "Event Quest Completion" SECs with any of the "Combat" SECs for better rewards during my daily grinds. Respectively, I coordinate the "Arena Wins" SEC with any of the "Arena Battles" SECs for maximum reward opportunities. And, of course, I coordinate the "Level Up" Sec with any of the "Advancement" SECs. However, these SECs are almost totally random... I say "almost" because the 22-hour SECs are much fewer in variety (making it easier to guess at what's next). Recently (& specifically), the "Mystic Advancement" SEC hasn't occurred in the last 16 of the "Advancement" SECs... which has forced me to sell its ISO from my overflow in the meantime (which isn't entirely bad since I get gold this way).
    -Again, this was back in November 2020-

    With all that being explained, I offer a solution to this issue... and more organization to our increasingly better advanced game. Since Kabam has already organized the Class Quests to a set daily schedule, could the 7-hour SECs reflect the same schedule? For instance, Tuesday's Class Quest focuses on Skill. Also on Tuesday, could "Skill Advancement", "Skill Combat" & "Skill Arena Battle" be rotated? Then on Wednesday, all things concerning Science? What about Sunday? Sunday could have an 22-hour title-like event that mimics the "Test of the Proven" or "Test of the Cavalier" (or whatever rank the player is at). Perhaps even something completely new for Sundays as Sundays are entirely different already with its Daily Class Quest and even Arena. Again, scheduling at least the class-based Quests with class-based SECs would be extremely beneficial for players looking forward to focus on certain fighters each day of the week. It would increase daily grinds and also allow a better timeline for those who are concerned about the Quality of Life aspect of the game.

    Back to present day, I still think this would work. Too often we see 2 or 3 “Combat” of the same class back-to-back(-to-back), and it rarely falls in line to our benefit. For instance, an “Advancement” event during a “Level Up” event… an “Arena Combat” during an “Arena” event… or even a “Mutant Combat” during the 3-day “X-Men” event are more rare than they could be. Just because I make due doesn’t mean everyone can. And just because this’ll benefit my play-style, that doesn’t mean it’ll benefit everyone (especially in different time zones). But I DO think it’ll help us all plan ahead for certain gameplay… whether that means waiting to rank up, waiting to add to arena goals, or even taking a 7-hour break.
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