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R3 Rank Up advise in cosmic

BrokenBroken Posts: 183
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R3 venom or wait for hercules

R3 Rank Up advise in cosmic 58 votes

R3 Him
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  • R3 Him
    Venom is a great champ especially for variant content. He has very solid reliable damage and utility. There are no cons in r3ing venom as getting Hercules could take a few days or 2+ years and if it does take awhile you are likely to be close to/have another t5 cosmic catalyst and at that point you can also r3 herc.
  • KennadoKennado Posts: 903 ★★★
    R3 Him
    It took me THREE years to pull Ghost in both 5* and 6*. You read that right. I didn't have Ghost past 4* until this summer. Rank Venom dude.
  • mostlyharmlessnmostlyharmlessn Posts: 1,223 ★★★★
    Wait! Save it for Groot!
  • hungryhungrybbqhungryhungrybbq Posts: 1,984 ★★★★
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    R3 Him
    Do it! Venom is so useful through out the game. He was my first r3 Cosmic. You'll eventually have multiple r3 of each class. No need to wait to rank a great champ.
  • HoitadoHoitado Posts: 3,566 ★★★★★
    I wouldn’t say Wait for only Hercules but wait for someone better.

    I personally think Venom is Overrated
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