Which mutant is most rank 3 worthy?

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My Storm X is my only rank 3 mutant right now, out of all the options who would be most worthy. Is Archangel worth it unawakened since I don’t have him as a 5*? I have prof x as a 5* rank 4 and he is rank 2 right now but I honestly use sunspot and cable more than prof x. I have havok as a rank 5 5*. I know gambit gets a big damage increase from his sig ability but would he be worth the rank 3 unawakened? I know white mags pre fight is phenomenal but it’s not a necessity for me as a I have a rank 3 storm X who has passive stuns when defenders try to shrug it off. I’m very close to forming another mutant t5cc and I have no idea who to use it on. (Yes I have Apoc as 5* rank 5)

Any and all advice/criticism/opinions are welcomed and appreciated

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  • I_tell_no_tales_1I_tell_no_tales_1 Posts: 792 ★★★
    Arcgangel or sunspot
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    Sunspot if Archangel was awakened id have said him.
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    In terms of easiness to play, I recommend unduped AA, since he does so much dmg against anyone who is not (bleed +poison immune).

    In terms of skill, unduped professor x is the way to go. Prof x can be used on many champions in end game content like the abyss of legends.

    He counters things like miss (vs non-tech) can ramp up, has a miss mechanic for if you take a basic attack accidentally, and deals big damage.

    Both are fun to play, get great benefit from their sig ability (AA more so) and I guess that's just personal taste.
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    If you have an apocalypse, cable.
  • Personally wait with ranking, till the gifting etc is over, mayby you'll pull a sick champ this or next week, since we'll get quite some shards and maybe crystals.

    But if you really really have too
    Out of your champs personally id pick AA, he's just a beast even unawakened! Sunspot for me scnd place
  • MasterMikeMasterMike Posts: 50
    Archangel or sunspot but ill say archangel

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    Congratulations for picking Storm X as an R3. She was my second mutant R3 after Apocalypse and she is indeed phenomenal.

    I would go either Cable, if you are ok running him with Apocalypse all the time (and who also synergises beautifully with Storm X) or Havok. I personally like Havok more than Sunspot and he can take care of many every matchup fights. Just my opinion though. Pick the one you enjoy playing most.
  • odishika123odishika123 Posts: 5,349 ★★★★★
    Cable of you have Apocalypse
    Professor x
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    I'm baffled by some of the responses. Here are your options in order of value:
    1. ProfX
    2. Cable if you have Apoc as 5 star
    3. Wags
    4. Havok

    But I'd wait till the holiday stuff settles even though all of these are worthy of r3.
  • Malreck04Malreck04 Posts: 3,181 ★★★★★
    My first choice would be prof, but since you use cable, go with cable.
  • KalantakKalantak Posts: 1,276 ★★★★
    arachangel and Cable (considering ubhave max 5* apoco)
  • buffajrbuffajr Posts: 411 ★★
    White mags
  • OakenshieldOakenshield Posts: 1,004 ★★★
    Prof X, White Mags, Cable if you have Apoc.

    AA if you manage to get him awakened.
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