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Gift appreciation thread.

The gift has been amazing for me, I cant believe that all I had to do was press 2 buttons, and I had a free 6 star nexus (which itself is worth about 2k-3k units) and a bunch of rare sig stones.

My pull was not that great, but I still appreciate it nonetheless.
Thank you Kabam.
Post your pulls/rankups down below


  • TheBoogyManTheBoogyMan Posts: 2,094 ★★★★★
    Yeah. Thank you for the gift! Really appreciate it!
  • NockoNocko Posts: 958 ★★★★
    I also got a trash nexus, but then pulled 6* Sparky out of the Sinister cav
    all in all, i call this a good day and thank Kabam and RNGesus for today.
  • te_dua_shumte_dua_shum Posts: 1,001 ★★★★
    My 6* Nexus gave me a Namor that would have been good if I didn't already have a 5* at sig. 200, and I don't like the champion at all; not to mention that on one of my alts, that is UC, I opened the 5* AG and got a tech one... the fourth out of five crystals! ^^" But I can't and won't complain, it's still free stuff ^_^

    I also did a gift to myself, since is Christmas *_*

  • KerneasKerneas Posts: 3,093 ★★★★★
    I dupped my 6* Ronan but I am grateful for free gift. Thank you
  • ShinobiGuyShinobiGuy Posts: 486 ★★★
    Kerneas said:

    I dupped my 6* Ronan but I am grateful for free gift. Thank you

    Me too, but I’m quite happy with that. Finally a usable Ronan that’s not a 4*. Bring on the buffed up bosses!
  • KalantakKalantak Posts: 1,271 ★★★★
    Very happy with my nexus, it was shang chi!
  • brownlikebambibrownlikebambi Posts: 378 ★★★
    got odin from my nexus!! already have 6* hela too, thanks kabam 🤝
  • Jeromix_2ndJeromix_2nd Posts: 20
    UC gift was different - a 5* class awakening gem. A 5* nexus would be more useful I believe, but who are we to question free gifts :wink:W Merry Christmas!
  • MysterioMysterio Posts: 845 ★★★★
    I have had bad pulls all month from the SS cystals, GGC and the 6* Nexus. Yet I don't go on the Forums complaining about it. A gift is a gift, be thankful for it.
  • Raichu626Raichu626 Posts: 934 ★★★★
    6* AA dupe. Had the option to get Colossus or OG Cap marvel dupe, but I think AA is slightly better (and I have a 5* collo that I barely use, why get a 6* that I won't use more often anyways?)
  • JtJ10JtJ10 Posts: 124
    Many thx for the gift kabam. Merry Christmas to all
  • The_beast123The_beast123 Posts: 2,029 ★★★★
    I hate to say this, but Cav's should had got 6 star shards too

    In all honesty, a generic 1-2 6 star rank up gem, for free, is welcome.
  • ThomildoThomildo Posts: 150
    Thanks for the gift!
    Actually got a decent nexus, a robot dragon is pretty cool!
  • SnurrisSnurris Posts: 385 ★★★
    Thanks a lot Kabam for the Christmas gift. Merry Christmas
  • TerraTerra Posts: 6,541 ★★★★★
    edited December 2021
    Cav player.

    I'm gonna treat myself to either a r2 6* Stryfe or Karnak, I'm still debating internally 🧐.
    Highly thankful for the gift
    I just wish Rankup gems covered gold cost too 🙈
  • Jdollar77Jdollar77 Posts: 36
    Unless you are a cavalier player, then you got a BS rank up gem. Thanks for nothing as usual Kabam
  • TC1TC1 Posts: 54

    Definitely pleased
  • RigidRigid Posts: 152

    Happy with that! Thanks Kabam!
  • RigidRigid Posts: 152
    Waited forever for that Cyclops lol
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