Why are the drop rates for the year-based cavalier crystals not displayed?



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    @Kabam Zibiit there is what we saw. Which is not what we should see. We need to see the odds on these crystals but they were not present.
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    Google Play Developer Policy:
    7. Apps and games offering mechanisms to receive randomized virtual items from a purchase including, but not limited to, “loot boxes” must clearly disclose the odds of receiving those items in advance of, and in close and timely proximity to, that purchase.

    Apple's App Store Policy:
    Apps offering “loot boxes” or other mechanisms that provide randomized virtual items for purchase must disclose the odds of receiving each type of item to customers prior to purchase.

    I don't see any clearly disclosed drop rates.
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    HI Kabam

    Lets approach this in a SMART way

    1. Lets come to an agreement that Drop rates were as per Cavalier Crystal Drop rates
    2. I'm sure there are logs across your servers which must have captured what crystal dropped which Star character
    3. Lets assume the following
    Across all your servers - lets say 2020 Crystals that were popped = 10000
    What were the drop rates of all stars of the characters - eg 17 - 6-stars, 500-5-stars and so on.
    Lets then match that with "advertised" drop rates of a "normal Cavelier Crystal" drop rates
    Eg - 6-stars = 17/10000 = 0.17% and so on
    4. A simple maths to get the percentile of the drops and compare to the normal ones
    5. If the drop rates are offset - beyond aberration thresholds - resending the crystals with correct drop rates is the right solution. If the drop rates are within agreeable thresholds, then statement #1 holds good and we can rest this case.

    However, to ensure there is no data manipulation - please have one of the CCPs or other influencers as part of your panel when you do your calculations. You do not need to share your "numbers" and still set a good faith for the millions of summoners who just want to see some transparency.
  • Alright, we're closing this thread down. The drop rates were mentioned earlier in this Thread, and are accurate. As for the case of Drop Rates not displaying, we have found the issue and have fixed it for the future, but this does not mean that we can fix it for something that has already happened. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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