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Gifting Boost exchange claim issue

Ronyroyd2eRonyroyd2e Posts: 3
edited January 2022 in Bugs and Known Issues
I asked my friends to send me boost as Gifting and they were 3×10% Health boost, 6×20% Champion boost and 5×15% Attack boost.
So when I pressed to claim them, instead of them to go in my Stash, it made all boosts On in running without giving me any warning of if I want to use boost or not. And not just 1 boost, but all of these 14 boosts were gone in 1 second as soon as I pressed claim and 3 boosts (1 from each) were shown as running and rest 11 don't know where they went as well.
At first, we should be able to Claim them all without them getting Running at their own when we try to press on claim them. And secondly, if 1 boost is about to on from any type, then it should had warned us tabt we r about to on boost and not just my all boosts gone in 1 second and all my units went to waste.
Some other players from my alliance and friend list also mentioned same thing happened to them.
I know this event is coming to end but pls look into this issue and pls refund our boosts to us asap as its not our fault and it is not fair to any of us.


  • Enough people have been saying this now (claiming gifted Boosts is applying them instead of claiming into inventory or stash), that it does seem to be major Bug.

    Interesting, I don’t recall this bug in previous years, so something definitely got messed up with Gifting Boosts this year.

    I’d say this is definitely worth submitting a Support Ticket, if you’ve had people sending you a lot of Boosts. They should be able to credit your Inventory/Stash with at least “## - 1” number of each type (might lose out on 1 of them, since you did get the benefit of having a boost applied, even if not intended to use it right away).
  • AngryRedAngryRed Posts: 4
    I realized this same thing happened to all boosts I received as gifts. I even tested it and recorded it. I does in fact seem to apply all boosts I receive as a gift instead of going to inventory. I logged a ticket. I suggest you do the same.
  • VernVern Posts: 48

    Had 15x 20% green boosts and 10x Health Boosts just claimed from the last day of Gifting and they all got activated instead
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