Day 4&5 AQ burnout?

Anyone else get tired after day 3 of AQ
Wish Kabam would shorten it to 3 days


  • DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 15,131 Guardian
    Magonus said:

    I wonder if there was a way to alternate between AQ and AW somewhat "evenly". So you can focus on EQ, SQ and maybe Arenas and just 1 Alliance thing at a time. so never 0 Alliance
    things happen but never 2 either, and yeah AQ gets shortened?

    This may be silly to suggest but a week could be like:

    1) AQ1
    2) AQ2
    3) AQ3
    4) AW Matchmaking / D placement
    5) AW Attack
    6) AW Matchmaking / D placement
    7) AW Attack. Then rinse and repeat....

    A couple issues with this. First, not all alliances do AW (or AQ). For alliances that primarily do one or the other, you're reducing their alliance activity substantially. Alliances that want to focus on just AW are forced to do two wars a week maximum, even if they want to do more. Second and more importantly, you're cutting everyone's rewards. You aren't going to get five days of AW rewards in three days of AQ. I know there are people who think Kabam can give out any rewards they want, and while that's true in a sense, for all practical purposes that's impossible. Reduce AQ from 5 days out of every eight to three days out of every five, and you'll reduce AQ rewards to about 70% of what we get now on average.

    The game is designed to appeal to a wide range of players, including players of widely varying play times. Some players want to play a lot, some want to play less, and if the game caters too much to the players that want to play less by reducing content, you'll lose too many of the players that want to play more. The game has to provide a balance of playing opportunities and players have to accept that some players will want to do more than the game has, and some want to do less, and up to a point the players that want to do more have to accept there's no more, and the players that want to do less have to accept the fact that if they want to do less they can choose to do less, and get fewer rewards as a result.

    Basically, the players that want to do AQ three days a cycle can simply choose to do so. The players who want to do AQ non-stop do not have that option, and the players who want to do AQ only three days a week without forfeiting any rewards also do not have that option. The game compromises on a schedule where AQ is only up 62.5% of the time, slightly more than half the time. Compromising instead at 43% uptime (three out of seven days) where AQ isn't even up half the time seems to me to be absurdly low.
  • Hopper13131Hopper13131 Posts: 54
    I get really burnt out when AQ is on during war season. Between AQ, AW, monthly EQ, and monthly SQ, there's just a lot to do. And god forbid I want to do incursions. But honestly what's most frustrating to me is champions in AQ/AW getting locked out from questing. Now, I have an extensive roster, but sometimes I'd like one of my 8 champions locked in AW for AQ or quests. I understand why it is the way it is, but I'm not sure that it creates a more enjoyable experience for anybody. When war season overlaps AQ you can have 11 champions locked out from questing. So you need a roster that goes 16 deep if you want to do questing while AQ and AW attack are on. I'd argue that most of the playerbase doesn't have a roster that goes 16 deep (since most of the playerbase is lower than thronebreaker). The champion lock outs are really just adding an extra layer of annoying champion management that literally doesn't need to be there. I'm sure people might disagree with this, but tbh, it's a game and questing is a non-competitive game mode, so there's no reason that champions should be locked out from questing. And if you disagree, I'd like you to consider how you'd respond if this was never part of the game and then Kabam randomly implemented it. Everyone would probably have a complaint about it. But now it's just the norm.

    I end up using most of my favorite/strongest champions in AQ or AW, and then I really care to do questing. Then I'm just doing AQ/AW repeatedly, which is what drives the burnout.
  • JoeqwJoeqw Posts: 49
    Here’s an idea - you hate it then don’t play it or play in an alliance that rotates maps - you have a bunch to pick. Nobody is forcing any of use to do AQ so if it’s boring then just don’t do it for five days.

    I don’t love it, but I know that if I want those rewards then I have to do it and there is no point crying about it.
  • Konstant45Konstant45 Posts: 569 ★★★★
    I get tired of aq the moment i recieve the ping from my leader saying aq is up
  • SaltygoodnessSaltygoodness Posts: 282
    I don’t think alternating between AQ and AW is needed but having 4-day AQ cycles would be a huge QoL improvement

    There are 3 wars per week which is reasonable.

    And 5 days of AQ in the same period which makes AQ feel like a grind. Especially with the same maps and defenders if an alliance does the same map on days 1-5
  • Monk1Monk1 Posts: 704 ★★★
    I don’t see 5 days of aq as the issue.. the bigger problem is how stale the content is.

    Map 8 is ridiculous - none of it is hard, but yet the fights are long and boring. The AI has been overturned to be mega defensive so fights take an age.

    All this would be ok if anything was different but it is the same every cycle. No modifiers to even make it slightly more interesting.
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