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First attempt at 6.3.1 Medusa



  • Reaper2823Reaper2823 Posts: 40
    I took this fight down with warlock just parry and heavy
    I took her down with undupped Nick Fury, parry heavy reapeat. Makes it real easy
  • tofuシtofuシ Posts: 220 ★★
    this quest was my literal night mare
    I was so downbad for act 6 completion, I hate this quest I despise it
  • HalalaHalala Posts: 79
    Done this quest today, really hate that BB, that note reduce stun+the shield is so annoying
  • firemoon712firemoon712 Posts: 437 ★★★
    That fight.... Hated that fight.
    I remember it took me 5 replays, each with 30ish revives just about.
    Eventually I went in, guns-a-blazing with a completely maxed 5 star Symbiote Supreme, blocking but not dodging, with Iron Maiden blasting on my Chromebook next to me that I used for MCOC guides.
    Still died 10 more times but eventually I got her down.
  • Sw0rdMasterSw0rdMaster Posts: 1,364 ★★★★
    Symbiote supreme did it for me.
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