Next 6-star champ to rank 2 - but must be suicide friendly

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I’ve dedicated myself to grinding arena until July 4, and am using suicides to do it. I’ve completed up to 7.2.1, but want to keep going through chapter 7 and completing and exploring variants 3 and up gradually with suicides still on. So I need to upgrade more suicide friendly champs. Omega red and Diablo definitely qualify, but neither of mine are awakened so there might be better options

I’ve had very good luck with my mutant roster, but am lacking in most of the other classes. Any advice is appreciated.

Next 6-star champ to rank 2 - but must be suicide friendly 32 votes

Unawakened Omega Red to rank 2
10or_StrongBarani7da 2 votes
Unawakened Diablo to rank 2
Feeney234AdvMalreck04PikoluRockypantherxItsDamienapatheticgEtjamaNimorILLUSION8EtherealityScrubhanSpecMOakenshieldThe_HoTUwillrun4adonutKonstant45 17 votes
Dragon man to rank 2
TatteredSailFabwiziLpoo0casual0 4 votes
Sentinel (sig 20) to rank 2
Peni Parker to rank 2
Spity68odishika123Gr8TonyStark 3 votes
Venom to rank 2
Ewell65SSS69 1 vote
Venompool to rank 2
Nebula (sig 20) to rank 2
LBN1Noobda 2 votes
She-Hulk to rank 2
Other option
NyblkguyCap36613579rebel_ 3 votes
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  • Cap366Cap366 Posts: 128
    Other option
    What about your 5*s? I know it’s annoying rankling them up but you may have more suicide friendly 5*s that will help you in act 7 more.
  • ItsDamienItsDamien Posts: 5,505 ★★★★★
    Unawakened Diablo to rank 2
    While the awakening on Diablo would be nice, the fact you’re always going to be healing from the poison is way too big to ignore.
  • NoobdaNoobda Posts: 787 ★★★
    Nebula (sig 20) to rank 2
    Nebula to r2
  • 13579rebel_13579rebel_ Posts: 1,702 ★★★★
    Other option
    Didn't see Diablord was an option go him
  • apatheticgapatheticg Posts: 16
    Unawakened Diablo to rank 2
    Diablo, for sure. No questions, I’d say he’s the most suicide friendly champ in the game. I got loads of vids on my yt channel showing his infinity heal with liquid courage masteries. No other champ in my (quite sizeable) roster is even half as good as Diablo is with ouchies in terms of dealing with them. U have ghost who can shrug em bug (currently) she take recoil damage, you have knull and herc who are resistant to them but Diablo actively heals with willpower constantly, taking no damage once the bleed expires and often the healing from poison matches or exceeds the bleeds
  • Other option
    Omega Red is the original suicide superhero, especially once duped.

    You also have some duel immune champs like dragon man, sentinel, nebula, vision, and crossbones who can shrug them off.

    Diablo is a good choice as well. Although he'd get hit with the bleed. Just like cable, Apocalypse, peni, and all the other single immune champs, but at least he gets stronger with the poison.
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