Best counters for 7.4.6 Kang Boss

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This post has been made to help those players who are waiting/planning for the Kang boss fight and looking out for the best counters or looking out for some tips.

Not only this post will help those players who are currently doing 7.4 , But at the same time act as a little guide for the future players!

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• Who is that one particular champ that helped you the most for that boss fight ?

• If you have done exploration and tried various options . What are the best counters for the 7.4.6 Kang according to your *personal opinion*.

• Any tips for those jumping into 7.4 or regarding the boss? If you have got any , do share them without any hesitation!

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Thank you!


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    Agaxy said:

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    You got roasted on your post by someone and now you have started to use your little internet knowledge to message everyone who commented in your post. Kids like you should be banned from forums ASAP lol. Cannot even say anything to today's internet kids , they cry too fast and won't be able to digest my words.
  • Captain_MonticaCaptain_Montica Posts: 317 ★★
    Immortal hulk - ultron - torch did really good against kang
    Also king groot is good but its much slower
  • AverageDesiAverageDesi Posts: 4,070 ★★★★★
    Torch op
  • MightyDMightyD Posts: 88
    Cgr and venom did it for me
  • NoobdaNoobda Posts: 787 ★★★
    Ultron and IHulk for the win!
  • JhonST33JhonST33 Posts: 493 ★★★
    Hulk buster, ultron.
    BWCV with armor up local node.
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