Best Class Nexus to choose

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In the EoP there will be a class nexus 6*. I only have 42 6* so chance of hitting something I don’t have is high.

My question is what’s the best class to risk?

They all have a pretty big handful of duds in them.

So which one is least bad?

Best Class Nexus to choose 79 votes

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  • NastyPhishNastyPhish Posts: 418 ★★★
    Riptide said:

    There are like 45 days or something until the rewards come. A lot can happen in that time, so I’d hold off thinking too much about it until then.

    Although Mutant is probably objectively the best

    Thanks! Yeah that’s actually why I posted it this early. So it has time to gain some votes. And I already asked my alliance so I was just curious how other people felt.
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    Assuming you have 0 6* champs it’s probably mutant. But the best class to choose is going to be completely dependent on the champs you have.
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    Assuming you have 0 6* champs it’s probably mutant. But the best class to choose is going to be completely dependent on the champs you have.

    I think this is the best answer. I really need a better skill roster, so I’ll probably go for that even though it may be the worst class nexus available
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    There are some spreadsheets out there with the number of champs in each class and the likelihood of pulling each of them. Just google it or look on YouTube.

    I think typically it is mutant, though I seem to remember mystic having the fewest champs, so the likelihood of getting a specific champ is higher in that class. All depends on your roster fam.
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    Solely depends on who ur 42 6 stars are
    Mutant is considered the strongest class & people generally go fr that
    But if u have those top mutants then u need to focus on other classes
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    It really depends on what you need the most. You can have only 42 6* stars but you might have already pulled all the necessary mutants that can help you and you have no good science champion.

    I really want to get Mutant too so I can dupe Kitty but my mutant roster is too stacked. I might go for Cosmic (Knull, Herc dupe) or Science (S2099, Void dupe, iAbom dupe), or even Tech (Peni, Ghost dupe, or Nimrod).
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    Mutant, but....I'm so stacked on mutants I will go cosmic or Tech.
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    Looks like you're lacking in the tech department. A nimrod would be a welcome addition!

    Cosmic too it seems.
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    No question the Mutant class is the strongest overall. But depending on your roster you may want to go a different route.
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