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The Champion fight was brutal, will these new additions fare better even on a 'nerfed' Act 6.3

winterthurwinterthur Posts: 7,513 ★★★★★
That fight was several weeks back.

Meanwhile, reinforcements arrived ... but are they merely a ragtag team?

Chapter 3 introduces boosts (and lots of them) and six familiar formidable bosses; Medusa, NF, Havok, IMIW, Mysterio and CAIW.

Meanwhile the ebb and flow of the mysterious Battlerealm continues and seemingly a source of frailty has emerged. How will these BIG CHANGES COMING TO ACT 6 THIS JUNE! play out in the continuous power struggle?

And now the mind-boggling puzzle on which path is relatively easier?
1/ Delirium and Dismay
2/ Footloose and No Retreat!
3/ Pilfer and Mesmerise
4/ Biohazard and Clapback
5/ Can't Stop Won't Stop and Running on Fumes
6/ Oscillate


  • PapaMidnite007PapaMidnite007 Posts: 1,622 ★★★★
    Just attack and health values will be lowered for 6.3
  • Lovejoy72Lovejoy72 Posts: 1,850 ★★★★
    I did biohazard, and knowing me, it’s because it reputation was that it was the easiest (honestly don’t remember). Mole man can handle Medusa, and the biohazard. Cap can handle biohazard as well, as long as Nick or MM is there. And I think you can kill Medusa by reversing her buffet healing with cap or HT, if you find the bleed path difficult. I feel like that’s horrible advice though. Maybe skip past my post….
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 7,513 ★★★★★
    Interesting 🤓.



  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 7,513 ★★★★★
    With lower health values, the quest is easier but certainly not a walk-over, especially if intercepting skills is severely lacking. That's me. :(

    Certain path/(s) or fights/(s) demands specific counters and roster diversity is just so helpful with a caveat of actually knowing how to play the champ instead of ranking based on tier lists :D (I'm really missing one which I had followed for a long time).

    Why is Oscillate path more difficult than Biohazard and Clapback? Since I did not try the former path, I don't really know. At the boss fight, swapped Moleman in. He is good right?


    Moleman was clobbered in no time (know how to play the champ ranked) and I called back good old trusty NF.

    Next two puzzles to work on.

    Act 6.3.2
    Plagued Mind, Energise, Power Reversal, Power Shield
    Caltrops, Bloodletting
    Empowered Immunity, Energise 2, Minor Aspect of Death
    Thorns, Armor 2
    Spry, Gassed, Debilitate
    Inevitability, Encroaching Stun, Biohazard

    Act 6.3.3
    Nodes tied to Defenders (each Defender with its own curated nodes).
    Enhanced Abilities, Unblockable, Tenacity 2
    Stupefy, Unblockable Finale
    Armored Assault, Armor 4, Burden of Might
    Resistor, Immunity (Bleed and Poison), Armor Break Immunity
    Combo Party, Counter Tactics

    Which path to take for each of Act 6.3.2 and 6.3.3?
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 7,513 ★★★★★
    I am drawn to some key words; Caltrops, Bloodletting, Biohazard since my top champs included Vision, Sentinel and Colossus. Iceman is lurking at rank 4 and not forgetting max sig. Angela, at similar rank.

    Angela did not fare well with Caltrops as with each dash back she ended up bleeding a fresh or was I confused. However, she was great against M.O.D.O.K (was this defender a little bugged)?

    Another word which draws my attention but makes me avoid paths / lanes / fights is Unblockable. So, I ended up running the Combo Party, Counter Tactics path. Having said this, I managed to bait Red Skull's special 1 in the previous round and avoided the mess of being hit by his special 2.

    Vision was doing good work keeping Namor quiet and one more hit will end the fight. Unfortunately, Namor managed to sneak in one punch and there goes Vision which had tons of health. Next up down the line, Electro was smiling. Ok, no one-shot but I had Namor on my roster too. :)

    Since, I did not take an image shot, can't recall if I brought in Hulkbuster to deal with boss Havok or just revived Vision to do it.

    Way back in February this year, there was a side quest which had an awfully painful IMIW. And thanks to a fellow Summoner, I've learnt to intercept his heavy right at the beginning instead of at the end.

    Well, that was a long time ago. Does my muscle memory still holds?
    For this fight, I have CMM (banking on her arriving just before activating binary ignition), Venom, Reg Mags, Human Torch, Nick Fury.

    I keep in mind, that this Act 6 is a tempered version. ;)

    When I do get past IMIW, there is a Mysterio who haven't had a wash, helmet full of dust, seeing a little bit, Tunnel Vision.

    How easy it is to learn this skill? As easy as learning to use Ghost or Quake which I did not even try?
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 7,513 ★★★★★
    Act 6.3.4
    Abomination, Iron Patriot, Rhino, Falcon, Superior Iron Man, Groot, Hulkbuster, Punisher, Spider-Man
    Moon Knight, Gambit, Thor (Jane), King Groot, Kingpin, Storm, Morningstar, Phoenix
    Drax, Heimdall, Korg, Wasp, Mr Sinister, Hela, Night Thrasher, Nebula
    Invisible Woman, Diablo, Archangel, Bishop, Red Skull, Green Goblin, Emma Frost
    Ghost, Scarlet Witch (Classic), Yondu, Captain America, Medusa, Black Widow, Ronin
    Hyperion, Proxima Midnight, Quake, Havok, Hulk (Ragnorak), Star Lord, Magik

    To my amazement, I actually managed to run the path till IMIW without needing to revive unlike the previous three rounds. CMM was MVP. Can she do the trick on IMIW too?

    And should I bring in Human Torch and swapped out Doom for added security in this final fight?

    Peeking ahead, I found these two youtuber's showcase and I am a lot comforted seeing this.


    Act 6.3.5 paths
    Caustic Temper, Terminal Velocity, Spiked Armor
    Long Distance Relationship, Immunity, Cramping, Small Arms
    Pleasure to Burn, Got a Light?, Redoubled Determination -3, Power Shield
    Rage 2.5, Mystic Ward, Force of Will
    Aggression: Armor, Heavy-Handed, Unblockable :(
    Safeguard, Clapback, Cornered

    Do I have to rank Red Guardian to tackle Spiked Armor, play with class disadvantage against Rage and recall Star Lord from involuntary retirement ;) for Safeguard, Clapback, Cornered?
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 7,513 ★★★★★
    CMM was indeed sort of MVP versus IMIW but the fight was eventually ended by Venom, with Red Magneto sitting on the bench throughout.

    After looking over the nodes, I finally tried the Agression: Armor, Heavy-Handed, Unblockable path.
    The fight against Mysterio even with the youtuber's guide.

    Well, that is on me, sub-par skill.

    I'll need to pop some crystals to try get this champ for 6.3.6 CAIW.

  • jbxotiicjbxotiic Posts: 145
    with moleman and a couple revives cap should be light work
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 7,513 ★★★★★
    @jbxotiic said:

    with moleman and a couple revives cap should be light work

    I am a noob. How?

    Can give a little guidance on rotation?

    I am seeing the node Destructive Feedback and that stopped my run last year in Act 6.2.4 for four months. :(:D

  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 7,513 ★★★★★
    Timing is everything and the ability to be able to fight Unblockable is golden.

    Champs that Crit. There is Spider-Man (Symbiote).

    In my roster sat another. Mole Man who needs to work into a Frenzy and I don't think I am yet to be able to manage that kind of excitement. Aegon, Corvus, She-Hulk, Sunspot is at rank 4 with Karnak, Kitty Pryde, Killmonger and Wasp further down the pack.

    My option seems to be restricted to just Nick. So, I ranked up 6-Star W Mag and together with Colossus took on Caltrops, Plague Mind, Static Blast, Coolant Leak. Heimdall and Angela tagged along.

    As I said earlier, timing. Yondu after getting rich must have found new business opportunities and now happily stealing prowess. :s
    Even so, I arrived at the boss meet-up in pretty good spirit.

    This 'nerfed' defender had 350k health. Maybe I can target 50k in each fight and finish the fight with 7 revives?

    What do I need to remember?
    1/ Don't hit the defender in the first 10s. Checked.
    2/ Hold block to gain fury. Checked.
    3/ Use special 1 to keep tactical charge up and hopefully gain unblockable as well. Checked.
    4/ Don't get hit and don't die. Unchecked.

    Surging Vengeance. I'll need to have a chat with Cap why he thinks it is fine not to follow rule-book and did not use special 2.


    Now, I have 20 6-Star champs and wondering whether to try for a featured crystal for my next. Just not so keen to awaken Mysterio though.
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