Is Venompool worth it?

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I was really hyped to get Venompool, now I got him through a 3-star crystal. Now I'm thinking if he's a good champion or not. He's a pretty decent damage hitter, at least for me, but he's missing some of the permanent buffs that Venom sometimes has. Is he a really good champion?
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    I like him I got 3* and 4* version and usually he is a guaranteed win for me.
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    He's good. Not top tier, but slightly above-average. He doesn't have permanent buffs like Venom, but periodically gains some like unstoppable, indestructible, precision, armor up, regen etc. His main usability is however on his specials.
    His L1 = Om Nom, eats the buffs and converts them to a good-enough regen. Plus mostly procs a strong bleed.
    L2 = Same bleed plus Heal-Block, can be helpful in certain situations.
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  • I like him. His regeneration buff is cool and he is WAY better duped. I have him 3 *
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    He's a great sub. Venompool hits for decent damage and has a nice bleed on his L1.
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