Toad Prestige Bug

Hello, before the 9/6/2022 6 Star Rank 3 Toad's prestige was much higher. After the update he has dropped significantly.


  • JtakalaJtakala Posts: 16
    I just noticed the same thing. It’s a huge difference
  • CoppinCoppin Posts: 2,085 ★★★★
    Its PI not prestiege
  • It PI not his prestige? This has nothing to do with his actual mechanics in the game. I have already had people say he was needed because his PI dropped. Not a real big deal.
  • Forged_HeroForged_Hero Posts: 1
    edited September 2022
    Yeah I had the same thing happen. I thought my r2 toad had disappeared. Turns out he’s now below a lot of my r1s

  • Holo_KlausHolo_Klaus Posts: 2
    edited September 2022
    kabam, please fix this quickly ..
  • StellarStellar Posts: 1,057 ★★★★
    just noticed the same thing.
  • InsaneSkullInsaneSkull Posts: 239 ★★
    Great update comes with great bugs :smiley:
  • GoldenDadGoldenDad Posts: 64
    Same for a guy in my Alliance.
  • BreenttBreentt Posts: 1
    edited September 2022
    My toad's rating also lowered down significantly after updating the game
  • Dizzy90Dizzy90 Posts: 9

    I JUST MAX THIS GUY OUT! Also have awe-gem for him. so ill wait till he get his PI back.
    Waiting for Kabam response. :|
  • Leediman39Leediman39 Posts: 59
    Rank 3 with suicides lol
  • Leediman39Leediman39 Posts: 59

  • Joey57410Joey57410 Posts: 2
    my toad has also gone to 14500 prestige to 10000

  • Thank you summoners for pointing this out, please take the time to fill out the bug template form regarding this issue to make sure we have all the information needed to investigate, HERE is a direct link to the template form.
  • Yeah it literally just happened to my Toad wats going on?
  • Has anyone checked to see whether his Attack or Health numbers changed ?
    Or other values in his Stats (Crit values, Armor value, etc) ?

    Or is it just his PI Rating number that is lower ?
  • His stats seem to be the same its his rating that dropped like it would if you where to rank him back down.
  • His stats seem to be the same its his rating that dropped like it would if you where to rank him back down.

    So if his Stats remained the same, hopefully his fights should be same as before too.
    (and maybe ONLY a visual issue with what is shown for his PI. And maybe (?) his internal Prestige as well)

    I guess that would only matter then for people who have him in top-5 prestige where it could matter for their Ally's AQ scoring.
  • I was about to place my AW defence and suddenly noticed my toad 6* Rank 2 Toad PI has significantly dropped and is equivalent to that of a 6* rank 1. It has to be a bug right? And will the aw attacker face the same when they attack my 6* toad on defense?
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