Kree EoP tag

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I can't help but feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have Hulkling here. I think it's a pretty bad choice to have a tag with 5 champions in that tag in order to take down an EoP week. And 3 of them are not at all useful in end game content where there aren't mountains of buffs..

Captain Marvel, Ms Marvel Carol Danvers and Ronan. The only other option is Captain Marvel Movie, but even if she's fantastic that's two champions fulfilling the tag that are reasonable out of all the champions in the game. And Hulkling is just so perfect for Peni it makes it pretty much have Hulkling or spend so many revives.

This is not a good choice in my opinion.


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    100% agreed, garbage objective
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    Agree this is extremely restrictive for many
  • Hera1d_of_Ga1actusHera1d_of_Ga1actus Posts: 2,411 ★★★★★

    Yikes. Yes good luck to anyone without Hulkling. CMM is arguably the best counter otherwise and even she is going to have a terrible time

    It's not even a counter lol it's the only other feasible option
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    Ackbar67 said:

    On top of the fact that Hulkling is by far the best option for the Kree objective, Galan fits the other 2 objectives. Really a good week for those who get all the new champs

    I mean, in general, that’s fine I don’t mind new champions being good for EoP and one or two of the tags.

    But choose offensive raw damage or defensive tank (dfferent tags Hulkling has) if you’re so keen to make Hulkling an option that fills in 2 tags.

    Don’t choose one with 5 champions.
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    It’s always very bad and mean to choose a Tag with only 5 champs in the game. It’s incredibly nieche. Takes away the fun of experimenting with different champs. And then, on top the hulking topic. It does have its own flavor right. It’s no coincidence
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    MiniMF said:

    Did it with 1 revive with CMM

    Yeh I was able to do this as well in a revive. Pretty much just intercepted in the first part to build armor breaks then for some reason I was already in Binary energy
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    Did it with 5 star cmm in 3 revives. Got to get into indestructible and do heavies
  • LeanbisonLeanbison Posts: 73
    Yeah not a cool to pick a tag with 5 champs. I guess Kabam felt like the had some room to stick it to us this week.
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    Ouch. That actually sucks a lot tbh even though I’m not paragon
  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 8,860 ★★★★★

    It’s always very bad and mean to choose a Tag with only 5 champs in the game. It’s incredibly nieche. Takes away the fun of experimenting with different champs. And then, on top the hulking topic. It does have its own flavor right. It’s no coincidence

    It seems like Kabam saw Hulkling was good for it and thought “ooh we should make his tag one of the objectives”, and then either didn’t check how many champs were in it, or thought nothing of it.

    That’s my most optimistic reading of the situation. They wanted to give us a good option for the tag, but didn’t realise how bad that was for everyone else
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    Given that Kabam has recently picked up a habit of selling champs and rank-up gems that are good for the fight, I think it would have been quite appropriate to sell a #Kree champion and rank-up gems. While I suppose that it's a little too early to sell Hulkling like that, selling Captain Marvel Movie would have at least alleviated the problem with the tiny pool of champions. At least then you'd have the only really viable champion aside from the brand new one, as well as the means to rank her up.

    For me, I luckily had her awakened as a 6*, although only at r1. I had to do an emergency rank-up despite not having either the gold or the ISO, but I'm ultimately cool with that. I'm used to having the relevant champs ranked up, but every now and again you just have to rank up someone. That's fair enough. You just have to actually have the champ in the first place, and that's where the tiny pool comes into play. It's REALLY easy to not have any of these champs.
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    Searmenis said:

    Ultron is a great option for all the rest, non Kree objectives. And his regen helps a lot! Just don't parry.

    Did it with Ultron and CMM.
    Just intercept and draw out Peni's SP1.
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    The Kree objective is BS. If you aren't lucky enough to have a 5* or 6* Hulkling or CMM, you are screwed.
    Let's try to pick some objectives that allow for more wiggle room moving forward, Kabam.
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    edited September 2022
    edit: NVM CMM or Hulkling it is
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    Way too few options for this tag. 5 champs in total, Hulkling the obvious counter, CMM doable, but then we have the remaining three champions who are borderline useless for the fight. Don't mind the objectives being hard but this one is awfully niche. I'm one of the lucky ones in that I have a 5* Hulkling, but probably skipping this one as I've already missed a point in Week 1 anyways.
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