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New war season rewards aren’t enough and need loyalty added

Dark_Claw1Dark_Claw1 Posts: 133
edited September 2022 in Suggestions and Requests
I feel like Kabam sold the updated war season rewards pretty hard and was expecting more PLUS an added reward of a lump sum of Loyalty.

Since they updated the Loyalty store and way overpriced everything based on the amount of loyalty that’s available to earn I thought the most logical way to close that gap was to add loyalty to war season. 2 million loyalty minimum would make the 41 day cycle of loyalty store items more attainable and will make the store function more similar to the glory store.

The season rewards aren’t much better than what they were before when 50%, or more of players feel the rewards are not worth the effort.

Adding more of the current rewards and adding 2 million minimum of loyalty I think would encourage more people to want to war especially if they want to buy the 41 day cycle of loyalty items.

Kabam could also multiply all current loyalty rewards by 10. Example, every 100 loyalty reward would be 1000 and every 1000, like the daily help loyalty would be 10,000

Just trying to help make the game better Kabam!

What do any of you guys think?

Should Kabam add more of the current rewards as well as a lot more loyalty to the season rewards to earn those new loyalty items and attract more people to war?
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  • A minimum of a large amount of loyalty should be added.
  • 2 million is definitely extreme, but 500k-1mil would be a much more reasonable amount imo.
  • ItsDamienItsDamien Posts: 5,626 ★★★★★
    Pikolu said:

    2 million is definitely extreme, but 500k-1mil would be a much more reasonable amount imo.

    500k would be reasonable. Means it would take 2 seasons from just that loyalty gain for TB and Paragon players to get the big ticket items in the loyalty store for their progression.
  • SnakepSnakep Posts: 362 ★★★
    I suppose I will be in the minority when saying I like the current setup. You can decided to go hard and get the increased rank rewards or take war more casually and reap the rewards of the loyalty store. I don’t feel that just because you play hard that you are automatically entitled to every reward possible in the game, though I do realize they should have a large advantage over anyone playing casually. If you feel the rewards buff wasn’t that great then don’t go for them, relax and enjoy the mode casually. If they add a ton of loyalty to wars themselves then people will feel it necessary to push as hard as possible in war, even if it is not enjoyable to them. If a lot of people decide to take war casually then Kabam won’t be making as much from that mode then certainly they will make adjustments.
  • Dark_Claw1Dark_Claw1 Posts: 133
    The glory store functions because the items are priced in accordance with the rewards gained from AQ. The loyalty store should function the same way. It costs 3,050,000 to buy the items on the 41 day rotation. You should also be able to buy potions and boosts for the war season. Just like the glory store, you earn enough to be able to purchase a lot of items. I think it’s easy to spend 800k on potions and boosts during the season. 3,850,000 X 9(41 day cycles in a year) = 34,650,000 a year. There is 10 war seasons a year. To earn 34,650,000 loyalty a year than each season would have to award 3,465,000 loyalty.

    Now, glory store is set up that you can earn more glory than what you will spend if you do things properly so I think the minimum loyalty earned probably should be that 3,465,000 each war season or at least an average of 2,887,500 a month from all sources of loyalty which is basically from war.

    So that’s why I suggested the 2mm minimum as a lump sum from the season rewards.

    I think we are currently earning around 300k loyalty a month although that is slightly different for everyone based on tier.
  • TheLightBringerTheLightBringer Posts: 453 ★★★★
    Another suggestion would be to add loyalty in AQ completion rewards similar to BCs in map 5 and lower but for all maps since AQ is borderline useless right now
  • DeaconDeacon Posts: 3,764 ★★★★★
    I'm not sure of the amount that it needs to be adjusted to but the current amount is quite pathetic when you compare it to what's available in the store.
  • The 2mm a war season still isn’t enough. Probably should be 4mm
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