Dropped inputs?

Dragfire1760Dragfire1760 Posts: 148
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Is it just me or have the inputs been dropping again? I was playing with a 3* aegon in the RoL(carina challenges) and had to restart 3 times because he'd randomly stop attacking in the middle of a combo only for me to get smacked into oblivion
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  • Pocketz4Pocketz4 Posts: 13
    I've definitely been having issues with my Claire just standing there when I swipe to dodge.
    Feels like this input system has steadily gotten worse with each month's update since it's introduction
  • Qwerty12345Qwerty12345 Posts: 583 ★★★
    Ihave had more than the usualy number of missed parries and opponents seeming to be able to hit through my block than I can recall in the past.
  • Dragfire1760Dragfire1760 Posts: 148
    It seems as though each update causes this to be worse, does anyone know if turning the beta input system on/off helps?
  • Dave7099Dave7099 Posts: 511 ★★★★

    It seems as though each update causes this to be worse, does anyone know if turning the beta input system on/off helps?

    It doesn't. It's just a different set of problems
  • JeancrbJeancrb Posts: 79
    Today is insane, every 4 or 5 block I have one miss. Impossible to play
  • I’ve noticed more times now when I press down to hold heavy, I’ll dash forward or backwards. Always keeping me on my toes
  • Wozzle007Wozzle007 Posts: 600 ★★★★
    Oh the random stuff this game does. Holding block and the attacker decides to just run forward. Going for a special after a 4 hit combo and nothing happens, inputs being missed in the middle of combo and you get smacked. It’s all crazy. Crazy I tells ya!!! Parry and blocking seem incredibly broken. But ah well. I haven’t seen anyone respond to anything input related since the new input system thing was added to the game.

    I think there’s fear that if there’s acknowledge there are still input issues there will be a pitchfork brigade asking nay, DEMANDING compensation. At this point, I’m not sure I care about compensation (unless it’s in the form of 500k loyalty per week). Would just like the game to be more stable and consistent.
  • OmedennOmedenn Posts: 619 ★★★
    Trying to explore 8.1, its horrific and absolutely bollocks with how badly the input is. The parry issue from a year ago was nothing comparing to this 😂
  • GeneralNappaGeneralNappa Posts: 102
    Randomly parrying because a back swipe is registering one or two frames of blocking before actually dashing back. That and not being able to chain specials in combos with certain champs. Or not repwrrying successfully and getting smacked. Honestly for me, two or three weeks after the compensation package signalling the end of the issues it started slipping again.
  • CatmanndoCatmanndo Posts: 610 ★★★
    It’s even worse for me today after the update, my inputs seem to just stop working in random fights. It’s literally unplayable on my iPad Pro less than a year old.
  • DarthMingoDarthMingo Posts: 45
    This topic has gained a significant amount of traction. Clearly the community is frustrated with this & it is a legitimate issue!

    Serious question here how do we get these responses to be actually seen & corrected by a member of the kabam team, & not buried underneath other posts? Because i for one am tired of complaining & dealing with these dropped inputs & want this fixed asap.
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