Alliance Wars Scoring Update: Coming December 13th

Hey Summoners!

It’s time for another update to Alliance War scoring! First, we’d like to thank the community for your patience, and for those that provided us with constructive feedback. As mentioned previously, we knew we hadn’t hit the mark with our changes to Alliance Wars and committed to continue to make iterative changes until we reached the goals we had made for ourselves. The combination of receiving helpful critical feedback combined with those that granted us patience to address these concerns, allowed us to work on a brand new solution that we are confident will resolve the shortcomings of our current system.

We’re looking forward to getting these changes into the hands of our players, so you can all play through them and provide us with further feedback. This is part of our ongoing commitment to continuously iterate on Alliance Wars.

What’s new? Below you’ll find a detailed outline of each change with an explanation of why we’re making it. First, we wanted to spend some time discussing our design philosophy behind Alliance Wars.

The core goals we had in mind when making these additional changes:

- Killing the Boss and exploring should always be key.
- Fighting should always be better than not fighting.
- Diversity should be a tie breaker, not where a large portion of total points come from.
- Skill should be a major contributing factor in the outcome of an Alliance War.

All of these changes will be going live when matchmaking begins on December 13th at 10:00 AM PST

This information is broken down into three sections to make it easier to read through:

Removed Stats
Points Value Changes
New Stats

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