8.2 beta extension

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KT1 just uploaded a video that was on my mind from the 8.2 beta release so I figure I’ll make a quick post supporting it.

The timing and short length of this Beta are coming at a terrible time with BGs ending this week in addition to the 1 and 2* arenas. I’d love to participate in the Beta and give good feedback but in comparison to everything else going on it’s not worth the time. If the Beta were extended by a week then it would hit in a way better window.


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    Yes, please
  • EightyLucksEightyLucks Posts: 1
    Agree. Not a competitive but a regular player. I enjoy the beta testing and giving feedback but the length and timing makes it impossible. I'm only halfway through 8.2.2 explore.
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    Yea totally agreed!
  • Eb0ny-O-M4wEb0ny-O-M4w Posts: 12,993 ★★★★★
    I've personally fully explored it in the first two days, just to get it done already
  • ISO17ISO17 Posts: 14
    I’ve yet to even touch a single path in the beta unfortunately, as I’m focused on BG’s at the moment. I would love to run through the beta if they were to extend it
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    I agree with OP. I haven't had time to touch it.
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    I’ve fully explored it, but only did the arena 6* event and not the 5* or 4* arenas, so I understand
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    Rather than "extending the beta" per se: how about reviewing the existing feedback, making tweaks, and running a 2nd beta... this 2nd beta could also look to evaluate any other champion changes in the queue similar to beta 1, provide even more feedback for the testing, etc.

    That said... If the issue is there isn't enough time to do everything in the game... I'd argue that was already the case before, and you need to prioritize. The 1/2 star arena for example can be done fairly quickly (about an hour over a week, which you can split into 10 match runs either once a day, or every couple hours, or whatever cadence meets your schedule). That's a fraction of the time it would take to do the beta (I'd estimate 10% if you were planning to do all 36 paths) shouldn't be "the blame".
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    It’s your choice to choose bgs arena quests or beta they gave us a week and a half that’s more than enough time with 1 gold resources
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    Longer would be nice, but Kabam must not think so because these betas are always short. I'll do what I can and provide feedback on what I did accomplish.
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    I can't access beta forum.
    It shows warning and even after proceeding it's not loading.
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    We talked to the team, and unfortunately an extension is impossible without pushing the rest of the 8.2 timelines.

    Keep in mind that Beta tests are optional, and we appreciate all of the players that take the time to complete the content and give us feedback, but we don't expect that everybody would be able to do that. It's also why we ask for players to Opt-in in advance.

    I know I didn’t look forward in the MCOC calendar to see what other events were stacked on top of the BETA to decided whether I had time to budget for it (as I’m sure most people did the same).
    Should be on you guys to plan out a BETA during a window that’ll give you the best opportunity to have the most amount of players to test the content properly (not rushed) to give the best feedback.
    When you stack the BETA on top of the most important last week push in BGs on top of a special arena that awards units and 6* shards then you’re already eliminating a large amount of players that naturally put priority in BGs (being the most popular part of the game now) and easy 6* shards.

    Thanks for asking the game team if the extension was possible either way.
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    Can we bring back aw and BGs season as normal ... waiting till Jan sucks hard man
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