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Champions for 2018



  • Have*
  • CtcIsGamimgCtcIsGamimg Posts: 16
    I'm dying rn
  • CtcIsGamimgCtcIsGamimg Posts: 16
    My suggestions: Thomas the Tank Engine, Olimar from Nintendo, Mickey Mouse, Scrappy and Deformed Steve Jobs.
  • rogueKlyntarrogueKlyntar Posts: 266
    FamousRy wrote: »
    Morph Or Mystique, and when u trigger a special , you turn into a random champ doing that special of theirs. (like tsang sung from mortal kombat) ie: do a an L1 and u turn into a random champ like hulk and u do his ground throw stun etc. that would legit.

    That would be great, but they would have to do some serious coding to adjust class relationship, effects and stuff to make the character have abilitiies of her own.
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,307 ★★★★
    FYI Gladiator Hulk has been confirmed by Trucos. I’d like to see more symbiotes (Cuase we need a good one) and MOOOORR SCIENCE
  • rogueKlyntarrogueKlyntar Posts: 266
    Emma Frost

    Still waiting for Omega Red and Mystique. Pryde would be cool too. Superior SM. Legion would have to be OP'd. Surt.
  • MattScottMattScott Posts: 587 ★★
    Omega red would be awesome. Or mr.sinister

  • I think you've kind of missed the point. I was fishing for absurdity. If this was a serious post, it would have been in the Suggestions category; which is where Kabam request our input. Not all the characters are based on the films. Unless there's been a Punisher 2099 film that I missed.[/quote]

    The Punisher 2099 event wasn't a film. It was part of the comics. So Kabam also releases champs for comics AND movies and shows.
  • I hope Wiccan or Hulkling.
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