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  • HeykarlHeykarl Posts: 2
    Just killed my final master MODOK for legend run and suddenly i cant complete it due to the maintenance , any suggestion what can i do and does it count ?
  • SteelCurtainMUTSteelCurtainMUT Posts: 432 ★★
    Lmao this is only what? The 10th emergency maintenance the past 2 weeks? Couple shy of a daily maintenance
  • Bmf420 wrote: »
    I see that the flag patrols are in full force.....absolutely pathetic.

    Thought it was just me that noticed... Live and in full effect smh.

  • Richdane1Richdane1 Posts: 16
  • i am sitting right next to richdane1
  • bm3eppsbm3epps Posts: 1,044 ★★★

    lol...atleast I opened my crystal and collected my anniversary rewards but went down when I tried to do the million arena
  • TxstudTxstud Posts: 16
    How do you like the fact that they have issues and blame it on us like it’s our fault their game is 💩
  • BrandoniusBrandonius Posts: 292
    It is the Kabam way.

    It is also Sunday and the chief techs are living their lives. Prepare for extended maintenance
  • AbipeyFSUAbipeyFSU Posts: 8
    You have got to figure out a better way to deal with crashes and what to do afterwards. Its been almost a hour on the 3rd Anniversary arena and the people who can't play all day just lost a hour. This game crashes so much the administration should work on a better game or codein a reward for time missed.
  • Bmf420Bmf420 Posts: 161
    Lmao then people will flag you for trying to tell people to remain calm. I'm telling you these forums can be a absolute joke sometimes.
  • Midknight007Midknight007 Posts: 763 ★★★
    edited December 2017
    How can Seatin be on, but most of us are getting an emergency maintenance message?
  • iOS users in my alliance are getting back in game. Of course I'm an Android user.

    Do you see what happens Larry?!? Do you see what happens when you **** an Android user in the ***?!?
  • ok it was back for 5 seconds then gone again this is taking the piss now sort it kabam losing time on arena
  • Eliot76Eliot76 Posts: 20
    Come on guys. ONE Time it could Happen. But in one hour the secound time?
  • Down again...
  • Armaganon00Armaganon00 Posts: 741 ★★
    Rush to ban accounts because thanos was accidently added for a dollar lol.
  • ThatsausageThatsausage Posts: 214
    @Kabam Miike Just purchased the $1 crystal. Network connection problem occurred after opening and I have no idea who I got.
  • And it happened AGAIN
  • Kabam you are sooooo pathetic
  • Templej51Templej51 Posts: 4
    So it comes back up long enough to take my money but crashes when I try to open the crystal. Typical kabam, get it together
  • HoneymonsterHoneymonster Posts: 69
    I was playing 5.2.4 stacked up the boosts and game crashes it's ridiculous!! And what's the betting it crashes again when the war update is on! With all the issues in your player randomly dashing back in fights still a major issue they just continue to mess around the game is becoming unplayable and irritatingly annoying.
  • MaledracMaledrac Posts: 92
    edited December 2017
    EHHEHEH Apple user work .. android none at 20:01 rome time .... :*:*:*o:)
  • johnyx99johnyx99 Posts: 42
    Not my fault, but i will still loose that first fight... Ridiculous.
  • @Honeymonster This game has been in a constant state of bugged beyond recognition since 12.0 dropped. Kabam really should have responded to the boycott with a quick revert to 11.x. The game wasn't perfect then but it was a hell of a lot better than it has been since. I know several people who have left due to the constant bugs and if I didn't have a sick sense of loyalty to my alliance I would have dropped this game myself. Finding it harder and harder to stick around though.
  • @johnyx99 Of course it's your fault. You're playing Marvel Contest of Emergency Maintenance. What you think's gonna happen?
  • Down again
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