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Underrated MCOC Characters Tier List

FrostGiantLordFrostGiantLord Posts: 1,144 ★★★

If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment!


  • FrostGiantLordFrostGiantLord Posts: 1,144 ★★★

    Doom, ghost, mags, quake, rintrah and idoom overated?! Bro they are top of the game.

    Other than that I love the tier list

    Still, they are hyped up way too much nowadays. Now everyone is just going DOOM DOOM DOOM, GHOST IS GOD TIER!!! , MAGS IS A BEAST! , QUAKE INSANE! , RINTRAH BG GOD! , and GOING FOR IDOOM AND SPENDING 500,000 SHARDS!!! . The hype for these champs is just ridiculous. Basically these champs are all people talk about.
  • FrostGiantLordFrostGiantLord Posts: 1,144 ★★★

    Yet you have herc in the perfectly rated. he's probably talked about more than any champion in your "overrated & slightly overrated" tiers...

    Because he deserves the hype. Herc has easy ramp up, rotation and the energy damage he does is insane
  • WoowerinnWoowerinn Posts: 46
    Please cancel this list make new gamer confused... Abomination? What do you want with that? ;D
  • Wakandas_FinestWakandas_Finest Posts: 748 ★★★★
    Would be nice if OP explained his rhyme & reason for his tier list because I can’t decipher this tier list.
  • Ace2319Ace2319 Posts: 618 ★★★
    Your meme tier should all be in perfectly rated? Everyone knows they all suck (except groot of course)
  • Marvelfan30Marvelfan30 Posts: 792 ★★★
    edited January 30
    Spot and iron doom are not overrated they are awesome
    And how is sym supreme underrated and why is annihilus in slightly overrated he should be in the underrated bc I don't see anyone using him besides for defense and falcon literally shuts down everything yet he's overrated smh dude needs to use some of these champs he put in underrated and overrated
  • SquirrelguySquirrelguy Posts: 2,438 ★★★★★
    Why is the name of the tier list "Underrated"..... shouldnt it just be a tier list on the community rating systems? Either you're saying that your tier list is underrated...which is a bold claim when nobody had seen it yet, or you are picking a particular section of your tier list and namng the whole thing after it. It would be like Seatin puting out a "situationally useful tier list" and it just being his usual tier list.
  • 13579rebel_13579rebel_ Posts: 1,953 ★★★★
    No way you said spot and Scorpigod are overrated
  • UltragamerUltragamer Posts: 285 ★★

    No way you said spot and Scorpigod are overrated

    Probably a torch simp and doesn’t realize scorp better for more than just mystics
  • TylermcbainTylermcbain Posts: 20
    Probably the most accurate tier list I’ve seen. Although the hood is the most underrated champ in game
  • Shake_a_QuakeShake_a_Quake Posts: 450 ★★★
    I really think the buff that Juggernaut got, turned him into a fine monster. He's also useful against the Grandmaster, and that unstoppable with unblockable is just oomph!

    I would also wanna mention Ghost, idk with the introduction of champs like OS, Nim, Warlock and more.....Ghost kinda got sidelined, but she is just as devastating as she was back when she released.

    Last honourable mention: Captain Marvel movie. DANG IT! after that ramp up, she hits like a mega truck! Absolute treat to watch.
  • FloorKillerFloorKiller Posts: 148 ★★
    Wow, you're on some strong herbs, dude. Your tier list is a nonsense/waste of time
  • Emilia90Emilia90 Posts: 486 ★★★★

    Probably the most accurate tier list I’ve seen. Although the hood is the most underrated champ in game

    What was the point in reviving this thread
  • KnightOfTheRealmKnightOfTheRealm Posts: 880 ★★★
    60 disagrees lmao
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