AW season 40 final placement

In my alliance, we got people saying we landed in Gold 3 and others saying Silver 1. There's 2 screenshots above that were taken back-to-back also saying 2 different things. There's a huge difference between a 5* nexus and a 6* nexus and we're all hoping for 6*. We don't understand what our final ranking is though, so i was asked to come on here and ask other members of the community for input. What do you think our placement was, Gold 3 or Silver 1? Or should we wait for rewards to come out to find out?


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    RubberDucky69RubberDucky69 Posts: 10
    Silver 1.
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    HowdidIgethereHowdidIgethere Posts: 4
    edited March 2023
    Is silver 1 bugged or something? Im a matter of a few hrs we have dropped like a thousand places. Why is our war rating over 1900 but we are almost at silver 2 now?

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    Ok there is 3000 spots in silver 1 but how did we drop 1000 spots is the past week, went up on war rating, won all 3 of our last 3 wars, but still finished here?
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    MagicBentonMagicBenton Posts: 284 ★★★
    If you look at the standings right after a war ends it's not an accurate picture. It has given you points for your war but not adjusted the board for the other alliances.

    I'm assuming that's what happened here. You checked the standings right after a war ended and had an inaccurate view of where you really were on the leaderboard.
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    That doesn't explain why our war rating is over 1900 but you see some gold 3 around 1600. They got more points with easier matches but the scored higher?
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    MauledMauled Posts: 3,957 Guardian
    War rating doesn’t signify placement, at least not lower down the tiers when there’s a few more variables than in T1/2.

    Those with lower ratings could have been a tier higher than you at the start of the season, got a few wins under their belt and then had a bad ending and lost everything but still have those more significant wins in the bank. Some play 1,2 or 3 bg wars.

    A T1 loss for example is worth ~30k more points than a T2 win, so my alliance who went 6-6 but had a total of 2 wars in T2 don’t hit masters, but an alliance who did 6-6 all in T1 will.

    The second after war finished we showed as top10 masters but when the rest of the results came in over next couple of minutes we dropped down to P1 where we actually placed.
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    Salve_maker05Salve_maker05 Posts: 407 ★★★
    My alliance was placed in G3 and we won the final 2 wars and now we’re placed 97th in silver 1??
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