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Incrusions Legend title

Hi, so I recently got the legend title, how, well I got carried by this guy who had a quite impressive account, such as that as a 6* r5 herc and others, I just wanted to know if the title would be taken away from me since im only cav and got carried after zone 4(all my champs died), I did the rewards and all but im also level 49 and my stats are low, global says that its fine, even though some say that its too sus, what do you guys think?


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    MiniLatteMiniLatte Posts: 5

    MiniLatte said:

    As long as he decided to carry you to carry you, there’s no real harm in it. Some people may not like it and may think it wasn’t well earned, but as long as you didn’t pay for help and they just decided to do it, then I don’t see an issue

    Yeah, I asked him before hand if I shall have quit the incrusions but he that he could possibly carry me till the end, he did and said he wasted around 4k units which I see as a lot but still got the title and the other materials with it
    Either that guy is a modder and lied or you literally found the nicest person in the entirety of the game. With the 5 minute cooldown currently I could not imagine spending 4k units on a run, especially if it’s because I am trying to brute force everything because my teammate was dead. Enjoy the easy title.
    Thanks, and yeah, Im not sure if he was a modder or not, it did take a while for all the zones to be cleared, around 2 hours, his team was good too, Herc, Odin,Galan he also had heimdall in at some point, from what global told me, that was the team to go
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    legalactionlegalaction Posts: 182 ★★
    Trunko said:

    Sounds super sus…

    Yea, it kinda does
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