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7.4.6 Kang boss

Salve_maker05Salve_maker05 Posts: 394 ★★★
How hard is this guy to take down? I have 5/65 Herc which I presume makes it a ton easier.


  • TheSaithTheSaith Posts: 584 ★★★
    I completed grandmaster recently and honestly ppl here told me it's difficult af and i should gather Alot of resources and I did same , 50 lvl 1 revives and 1000 units deal too but all it took 7 teams revives and 4 single revives, now my stash is almost 34+ revives expiring and mamy potions too ,so frst explore stuff by urself and yeah u can still use suggestions,
    I would say watch YouTube videos about his phases and mechanics.and Good luck
  • ReignkingTWReignkingTW Posts: 1,266 ★★★★
    He's kind of fun to fight -- better than inferior Kang in 7.3.6.

    Ultron is very good -- you need buffs and debuffs. Check out the various youtubers out there.
  • RocketWaffleRocketWaffle Posts: 127
    He's easier than the Grandmaster by a lot, I soloed him with Odin on one of my paths for exploration, so if you only have people with a lot of buffs but not debuffs you should still be fine.
  • PikoluPikolu Posts: 3,989 Guardian
    Venom and venompool should be good options but the only times I brought them, the first wounded phase would be bugged and they would do almost no extra damage while he is wounded.

    As others have said, Ultron is great, karatemike got 6 solos in a row using ultron.
  • HilldarHilldar Posts: 175 ★★
    I think the 7.4 Kang was easier than the 7.3 Kang. Similar concepts I guess, but easier to get the rotation down for me.
  • StarSmasher2001StarSmasher2001 Posts: 208 ★★
    He's really fun to fight. Spider ham worked really well - he throws a TON of specials, so any power sting champ really messes him up
  • Matty_IceMatty_Ice Posts: 405 ★★★
    People saying he was easier than 7.3.6 Kang, which might be true because 7.4.6 just repeats the fight 4 times, but I enjoy fighting 7.3.6 Kang a lot more.
  • MikeHancho31MikeHancho31 Posts: 122 ★★
    IHulk does a wonderful job against him. Got the one shot a few times with him.
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