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Aw placement bugged

So... The new system launched and its bugged...
I need to place defenders in an easy map... my alliance is not bronze.


  • TriasEUTriasEU Posts: 110
    Also if you go up a in difficulty you need new champs. Why can't you use the defenders you had in the lower difficulty.. Most accounts don't have 10 good defenders laying around, specially not with diversity.
  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 10,602 Guardian
    Does the new Update out today allow you to start Pre-Setting your Defense ?

    An issue that came up couple days ago, where EVERYONE is supposedly in bottom-most TIER-22, will definitely affect what Map you are looking at when you go to Pre-Set your Defense for at least this very first War coming back into a 2 week Pre-season.

    FYI, (although can read more in thread below), since Wars have been OFFLINE, and since Tiers are calculated based on your Ally WR as a relative Percentage versus all other Ally's that participate in War. Of which, that # of Ally's (aka the Denominator in that calculation) is now ZERO since Wars have been disabled for a while.
    So everyone is currently Tier-22 (tier that goes down to bottommost 100% of WR alliances)

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 ★★★★

    Does the new Update out today allow you to start Pre-Setting your Defense?

    Yes it does.

    And it does seem very weird at the moment. I imagine it'll change once the season starts, but this does seem very iffy. Also, I got this message when choosing my team of defenders, which I'm pretty sure is just wrong

  • GoldenDadGoldenDad Posts: 85
    We dropped from tier 7 to tier 22, with a multiplier of 1!
  • TheOriginalMookTheOriginalMook Posts: 22
    Autoenlist defaults to 3 battlegroups, even after changing it back to 1 the place hero screen shows 3 available to join.
  • TriasEUTriasEU Posts: 110
    Thank you Kabam! Both things I said are fixed. :smiley: Now we officers can plan! Great update
  • Hawkt1Hawkt1 Posts: 182
    Still locked at 3bg
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