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8.3 release date

JK_47JK_47 Posts: 218 ★★
Any idea when it's gonna drop for everyone to play


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    AMS94AMS94 Posts: 1,776 ★★★★★
    Probably Sep-Oct
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    RiderofHellRiderofHell Posts: 4,400 ★★★★★
    November lol
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    Cyborg17Cyborg17 Posts: 114
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    IvarTheBonelessIvarTheBoneless Posts: 1,247 ★★★★
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    KnightOfTheRealmKnightOfTheRealm Posts: 885 ★★★
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    PikoluPikolu Posts: 6,660 Guardian
    The story content historically has come about 4 months after the beta, so this would set it around October, but we could see a change in the cadence of story content release. It is probably safe to assume that we will get it sometime between September and November
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    RabarberstengelRabarberstengel Posts: 14
    32 octember
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    Qwerty12345Qwerty12345 Posts: 766 ★★★
    It will depend on feedback. If the feedback led to minimal changes... I tend to agree with the October +/- 1 month timeframe most people that are making educated guesses are making.

    Here are a few other thoughts though which could sway it either way:
    • At least once in Act 2, Kabam took longer to apply a larger rework. I can't recall if there was a second beta or not.
    • The content is only half the size as the last several releases... it could take less time then to QC and ship
    • Given that the content is only half the size... one would hope the frequency would become approximately double. To do this, the 8.4 beta would practically have to come out at nearly the same time as the 8.3 release.
    • We still haven't received any kind of "summer activity announcement" similar to summer / eternity of pain. Without something like that... I would just about demand it come sooner. By doling out content so slowly... Summoners don't have several things to work on, and knock it out quickly. Even a casual grind of 1 path a day would knock out 8.3 in 18 days. Even Monthly quests have more paths per difficulty.
    • Now sure how many steps ahead are being planned... but to make the "completion bundle" worth it... a strategic release date and rewards quantity is required. For 8.2 for example, if you didn't buy it within a couple months, spring cleaning, 4th of July, and other things would make such bundles seem pointless for. If it comes out too close to cyber weekend / banquet / day of the deadpool / other events... that would be terrible planning
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