2017 Holiday Celebration - Halls of Healing, Halls of Fortune, Gifting Event, Holiday Calendar


The Holiday season is upon us, and to celebrate, we have some special events planned to celebrate the holidays, the end of the year, and to kick off 2018 with some extra firepower!

Halls of Healing and Halls of Fortune make their return!

Fan favourites, the Halls of Healing and Halls of Fortune quests are coming back! These 24 hour long quests will alternate daily between December 18th and December 31st. Make sure you seize this opportunity to restock your inventory with both regular and Alliance Potions and Revives, and to build yourself a room to fill with gold, and get ready to swan dive in!

The Annual Gifting Event!

Gifting Events are returning to The Contest! Similar to last year, Summoners can earn points towards the Alliance Gifting Event by sending gifts to their alliance members and friends. In addition to the Alliance Gifting Event, players will also be able to participate in the Solo Gifting Event for even more rewards! During this time period, all players over Level 15 will be granted a temporary Gifting Badge to partake in either event.

Gift your Alliance Mates and friends items and special Gifting Crystals to earn points in the Gifting events, and compete with other Alliances to take your spot as one of the Top 3 Alliances in the Battlerealm and win a 5-Star Kang for every member in your Alliance! Alliances 4-10 will win a 4-Star Kang.

There are some limited-time items included in your gifting options, including Gifting Crystals, Greater Gifting Crystals (which includes a rare chance at Tier 2 Alpha fragments, 4-Star Kang, and even a 5-Star Kang), and the Unforgettable Crystal, which provides an increased chance at 3-Star and 4-Star versions of all the new Champions released in 2017!

These events will run from December 18th at 10 am PST, until January 1st at 10 am PST.

Don’t miss this chance to gift your friends and alliance mates this holiday season!

Holiday Calendar!

December wouldn’t be complete without a special Holiday Calendar! Login everyday for 14 days to claim some amazing prizes, like 4-Star and 5-Star Shards, Tier 4 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystals, and a Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst!

The Calendar kicks off on December 17th at 4 pm PST, and runs until December 31st at 4 pm PST. There are no grace days for this Calendar, so ensure that you login every day to claim all of the rewards!

This will bring us to the end of 2017, and what a year it has been! We have so much more planned for you all in 2018 and can’t wait to get started!

Happy Holidays from all of us here on the MCoC Team!
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  • SvainSvain Posts: 453 ★★
    Looking forward to it!
  • SjanddsSjandds Posts: 117
    edited December 2017
    Awsome kabam seriously except tht server outrage this month event and calenders are awesome .t2 alpha wow
  • Mikif10Mikif10 Posts: 13
    What about the dupe event that u run last year?
  • BudderBudder Posts: 12
    Very nice, good job kabam
  • SgtSlaughter78SgtSlaughter78 Posts: 456 ★★★
    Sounds great guys. Good job.
  • Mikif10Mikif10 Posts: 13
    @miike u had dupe event last year
    Are we going to have another one ?
    Any chance that the gifting crystals have 4* awakening gems?
  • BlezzzzzzzzzBlezzzzzzzzz Posts: 45
    Will there be any any items in the greater gifting crystal for 5 star sig advancement? Will there be any 5 star sig stones or 5 star awakening gems in the greater gifting crystal?

    I’m not looking for detailed information about the contents of the greater gifting crystal, a simple “yes” or “no” would be more than enough.

    In the spirit of the holiday season, I hope the development team can find it in their hearts to give the community some indication of 5 star sig advancement opportunities in the greater gifting crystal.
  • Great work Kabam!! December just keeps getting better...
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 33,085 ★★★★★
    Super excited. Just not sure how much this year will cost me. Lmao. Last year I spent more than I wanted to. ;) Looking forward to the calendar and the Halls as well. :) 'Tis the season to be Grindy. :)
  • TheOneAndOnlyTheOneAndOnly Posts: 690 ★★★
    I love it when Tier 2 alpha catalysts are included. Nice job game team!
  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 8,441 ★★★★★
    Wait, what about all the posts from everyone being so angry with the December calendar? It was supposed to be a "slap in the face" lol.
  • Mikif10 wrote: »
    What about the dupe event that u run last year?

    We don't have Draw Duplicates event planned for this year, unfortunately.
  • Mikif10Mikif10 Posts: 13
    Thank you for answering
  • Adamdrt2006Adamdrt2006 Posts: 429
    What will the level of health potions will we get hopefully not l 1 or 2 I want a way to earn level 5 health potions
  • YES! You guys nailed it. Rewards like this will keep your playerbase happy, keep up the good work!
  • How much will the Greater Gifting Crystal cost?
  • Spurgeon14Spurgeon14 Posts: 1,665 ★★★★
    SpiderGwen wrote: »
    Yay, can't wait to use that t2 Alpha on my boi Luke.

    I'm using mine on Iron Patriot.

    So you confirmed 5* Sig stones/awakening gems wont be in thr crystals but what about 4* ones
  • SyndicatedSyndicated Posts: 418 ★★★
    Amazing news but, i have a big question.

    What will happen with Wednesday Legend Runners Miike?

    And why i have 91% of my Master mode if i got al rewards?

  • LegionDestroierLegionDestroier Posts: 101
    edited December 2017
    I am disappointed with the amount of gold on offer. Last years 7 hour realms of gold would of been better. I'll take what gold i can though
  • ScottryanScottryan Posts: 434 ★★★
    How many 5* shards will we receive from this calendar?
  • While this gold event is ok (2.4m if you do them all) it pales in comparison to the nearly 16m that was achievable last year and is truly the fan favorite. This is the event that should be every Sunday - the every 7 hour is the event that should be the holiday special.
  • FrenchyPantsFrenchyPants Posts: 26
    Not having five star items in ggc’s is a big deal I am still holding dozens of four star awakening gems from last years gifting. Just seems weak that they are not advancing with the game. So the top players are supposed to buy giant piles of ggc’s just for the “rare” chance at t2a?
  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 8,441 ★★★★★
    edited December 2017
    Not having five star items in ggc’s is a big deal I am still holding dozens of four star awakening gems from last years gifting. Just seems weak that they are not advancing with the game. So the top players are supposed to buy giant piles of ggc’s just for the “rare” chance at t2a?

    Everything else is really good. I'm fine with GG crystals being less than perfect lol. It's Christmas. Relax. Are you really holding dozens from last year's gifting? Like 24 or more all from last year's event?
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