Happy August! Legendary Incursions is FULL of mode improvements

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This August is going to be Legendary...

Hello Summoners!

This month’s Side Quest will be our second time utilizing a bespoke Incursions game mode that can be completed solo or with a friend! We are excited to roll out a number of improvements made since the previous iteration! We have listened to your feedback and implemented a number of directly related changes!

August’s Incursions Side Quest will see a new format and, at the conclusion of the event, the Incursions game mode will continue with this new format. We will be evaluating additional changes implemented with Legendary Incursions to see which (if not all) changes to permanently add to the Incursions game mode. 

Also! An Incursions rewards overhaul will be coming in September and will include an exclusive 7-Star Incursions Crystal in the Artifact Store! 

We’ll see you in…

Legendary Incursions

Champions and Summoners gather for a rare moment of solace and celebrate the many victories they have achieved. Guillotine steps aside from the celebration and stares out at the Battle Realm. She reflects at how far they have come and the many villains the summoners have defeated. To her horror the realm itself brings life to these memories creating incursions throughout. Guillotine calls out to the summoners to help her once more. Team up with a friend or go it alone to complete this month’s content!

Start: August 9th, 2023 @ 17:00 UTC

Finish: September 6th, 2023 @ 17:00 UTC


  • 6 difficulty levels (Threat Levels 1-6)
  • Complete Legendary Incursions solo or with a partner. 
  • Threat Levels (Sectors) 1-5 each have 15 Zones total.
    • Zones 1, 4, 8 and 12 will be Themed Zones showcasing our newest champions being added to The Contest as bosses. Either Photon or Vox can spawn. All other opponents in these Zones will be Science or Cosmic.
  • Threat Level (Sector) 6 has 25 Zones to challenge our best Summoners.
    • Themed Zone will appear in the following Zones: 1, 4, 8, 12, 16, 18 and 24
    • They will have Photon and Vox as bosses with Science and Cosmic opponents.
  • Champion Refreshes have been reduced to 5 minutes again.
  • Earn Mind and Body Filaments for each Top Zone you successfully complete
  • Earn Mind or Body Filaments alternating each week in Incursions Milestones
  • Spend your Mind and Body Filaments in the Mind and Body Filament Forges to collect your goodies
  • Complete Solo Events and Objectives for even more goodies

Incursions Exploration (Top Zone Rewards)

These rewards are able to be collected once. The rewards will not reset throughout the event.

Tap/Click to Enlarge

Tap/Click to Enlarge.

Incursions Milestones

Daily Zone Bonus Solo Event
Come back and complete an Incursions room each day for bonus rewards in the "Daily Zone Bonus" Solo Event. One room at your target threat level each day is enough to secure your bonus. This will allow all Summoners to progress through Incursions milestones without needing to reach Zone 15.


A variety of Profile Pictures and Titles will be available in both stores for 2,000 Filaments. Summoners will be able to earn rewards for their current Story progression level and one level below.

Incursions Consumables Stores

Each item costs both Mind and Body Filament.

Solo Objectives

Year 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Objectives

Receive 1 set of rewards displayed in the tables for each objective group, for a total of 4.

Earn points by: Winning a Fight with or against a [year] tagged Champion (excluding Practice Mode). Each set of objectives alternate Body or Mind Filaments.

Solo Events

Mountain of Muscles and Big Brained

Earn points for each Filament you spend in the Filament Forge. (Body - Mountain of Muscles, Brain - Big Brained)

(Reminder: these rewards are doubled across two events)

Team Player and Going it Alone

Complete the Solo Event to receive the total rewards listed below. (Reminder: these rewards are doubled across two events)

Team Player:

Win AQ and AW matches with Guillotine, Guillotine 2099 or champions with Synergy.

EDIT: Event scoring has been changed. You will earn one point for using ANY Champion and double points for using any of the listed Champions.

Going it Alone:

Win matches with Guillotine, Guillotine 2099 or champions with Synergy. (Excluding AQ, AW, Incursions and Practice)

Crimson Blade Crystal

Combine Crimson Blade Crystal Shards to open Crimson Blade Crystals for a chance to add the following Champions to your roster!

Aegon, Black Panther, Cable, Captain America, Civil Warrior, Guillotine, Guillotine 2099, Hulk, Jabari Panther, King Groot, Magneto, Morningstar, Night Thrasher, Overseer, Punisher 2099, Purgatory, Red Skull, Silver Centurion, Spider-Man (Classic) Squirrel Girl, Storm, Storm (Pyramid X), Stryfe, Ultron, Venom, Venom the Duck

General Changes

  • We received a lot of the feedback from the previous Incursion Side Quest stating it felt like a much higher time commitment than a standard Side Quest, so… We’re aiming to speed things up, this is how we're doing it:
      • All Boss/Common Hacks will be permanent moving forward. Yes you will be able to make a locked in Hack build each time you do a run.
      • Zones 1-3 will have Boss or Common Hack nodes before the first fight. There will also be fewer fights in these Zones.
      • Zones 4+ will have Boss or Common hacks placed after Boss fights. There will also be an extra side path (or paths in Duos). These paths will hold our new Choice Nodes as well as defending champions.
        • Note, Boss Hacks are not present in every room, and the cap for accumulated hacks is 4 Boss Hacks and 8 Common Hacks
      • Choice Nodes have been broken up so you don’t have to choose between survival and power.
        • You will no longer have to:
          • Choose between taking a Boss Hack or Healing/Reviving.
          • Choose between taking a Common Hack or Swapping a Champion.
        • Instead, you will:
          • Choose between different paths to benefit from the Choice Node(s) located on it. You will need to assess the risk vs reward of taking these paths.
  • When playing Duo both players will have access to a Boss hack.
  • We are using a new naming convention to make it easier for players to understand Hacks:
    • Rare Hacks = Boss Hacks
    • Hacks = Common Hacks
    • Boost Hacks (Are brand new, we will speak on this below)

Hacks & Choice Node Changes:

Boost Hack Choice Nodes (New):

  • Increase your champions Attack (Assault), Health (Survivors), or a combination of both (Onslaught). Below is the tuning for each type and size:
    • Survivor
      • Small = 10%
      • Medium = 20%
      • Large = 30%
    • Assault/Onslaught
      • Small = 5%
      • Medium = 10%
      • Large = 20%
  • They are available once you reach Zone 5 on any difficulty.
  • You will get a random choice of two to choose from when you land on the node. They can be Small, Medium, or Large versions of each of the three Boosts. 
  • They last a limited number of 4 Zones once picked up.
  • Don’t like what you see, reroll them to try and get better ones.

Solo Champion Heal & Revive Choice Nodes (New):

  • There is now a Choice node for individual Champion Healing and Reviving.
  • Heal = 40%
  • Revive = 40%
Note: There were no tuning changes for the Team Heal / Revive Choice Node

Boss & Common Hack Changes:

  • All Boss Hacks:
    • Note: All Boss Hacks will now have a Relic Clause. The remaining ones that didn’t before now do. The Boss Hacks updated are:
  • Attribute Boost Multiplier - Relic
    • Your Striker Gauge fills passively by 2.5% per second and all Attribute Boost Hack nodes have their Potency increased by 150%. If the Attacker has a Relic equipped, Potency is increased by 300% instead.
  • Special Counter - Relic
    • Whenever a Power Sting Effect triggers, gain a Prowess Buff increasing Special Attack damage by 50% for 10 seconds, Special Attacks are Unblockable while this Prowess is active. If the Attacker has a Relic equipped, gain three of these Prowess Buffs instead.
  • Defensive Cascade - Relic
    • While under the effect of an Armor Up Buff, your attacks have a 50% chance to inflict a Stun Debuff for 1 second. When triggered, the chance is reduced by 30% for 10 seconds. If the Attacker has a Relic equipped, the Stun can trigger through Block.
  • Rage Into Combat - Relic
    • Whenever a Fury Buff is gained, 100% chance to gain 25% of a Bar of Power. Cooldown: 3 seconds. If the Attacker has a Relic equipped, the Cooldown is 1.5 seconds, and gain 50% of a Bar of Power instead.
  • Hemostatic Charge - Relic
    • Inflicting Bleed applies a Power Sting Debuff lasting 2 seconds. The Power Sting deals Direct Damage equal to 100% of modified Attack when the Opponent launches a Special Attack. While the Opponent has 3 or more Power Sting Debuffs, they are Taunted and Special 3 Locked. If the Attacker has a Relic equipped, the Power Sting damage is increased by 100%.
  • Compounding Harm - Relic
    • Inflicting a Damage Over Time Debuff has a 50% chance to inflict an Armor Break Debuff, lasting 5 seconds and reducing Armor Rating by 750. If the Attacker has a Relic equipped, the Armor Break chance is increased to 75%, and it lasts for 7 seconds instead.
  • Lightning Fists - Relic
    • Light Combo Ending attacks have a 30% chance to inflict a 5 second Shock Debuff, dealing 395% of Attack Rating as Energy Damage. If the Attacker has a Relic equipped, the chance to Shock is increased to 60% and the damage is 500% of Attack instead.
  • Tide of Combat - Relic
    • Whenever a Non-Damaging Debuff expires on the Opponent, 50% chance to gain a Fury Buff, lasting 10 seconds and granting +35% Attack rating. If the Attacker has a Relic equipped, gaining the Fury has a 100% chance to grant an additional Fury.
  • Entropic Shield - Relic
    • Performing a Well-Timed Block or Auto-Block increases Block Proficiency by 1000 and inflicts a Bleed Debuff lasting 5 seconds, and dealing Damage based on the Attacker's Block Proficiency and Attack. If the Attacker has a Relic equipped, increase Block Proficiency by 1500 instead and increase the Bleed Debuff duration to 7 seconds.
  • Pyrokinetics - Relic
    • Medium Combo Ending attacks have a 40% chance to inflict an Incinerate Debuff for 5 seconds, dealing 225% of Attack as Energy Damage. If the Attacker has a Relic equipped, the Incinerate chance is increased to 80% and the damage is 300% of Attack Rating instead.
  • Impact Purge - Relic
    • Heavy Attack Hits have a 90% chance to Nullify 1 of the Opponent's Buffs and inflict a Degeneration Debuff, inflicting 60% of Attack as Direct Damage over 5 seconds. If a Buff is Nullified an additional Degen is triggered. If the Attacker has a Relic equipped, up to 2 Buffs can be Nullified and Degeneration Debuffs inflicted this way deal 100% of Attack instead.
  • Toxic Advance - Relic
    • Heavy Attacks, Unstoppable, or Unblockable attacks have a 50% chance to grant an Armor Up Buff giving 1000 Armor Rating lasting 15 seconds and inflict a Poison Debuff dealing damage equal to the Attacker's Armor Rating over 3 seconds. If the Attacker has a Relic equipped, these Armor Up Buffs grant 1500 Armor Rating, and Poison Debuffs last 5 seconds instead.
  • Perpetual Offense - Relic
    • Launching a Special Attack has a 100% chance to grant an indefinite Prowess Buff, increasing Special Attack damage by 60%. Max Stacks: 3. If the Attacker has a Relic equipped, increase the Prowess to 80% and Max Stacks to 6.
  • Buff Cornucopia - Relic
    • Whenever a Buff is gained, 50% chance to gain another random Buff, lasting 10 seconds. The chance for this to activate decreases slightly for 8 seconds each time it activates. This chance decrease ignores Ability Accuracy Immunity and reversal. If the Attacker has a Relic equipped, the decrease for reactivation chance is halved.
  • Strategic Movement - Relic
    • Activating Evade or Dexterity grants dormant Unblockable and Fury charges. Any attack consumes 1 Unblockable Charge to become Unblockable. Basic attacks convert all Fury Charges into Fury Buffs, lasting 0.5 seconds, and increasing Attack by 200%. These Fury Buffs are removed on activation of a Special Attack. If the Attacker has a Relic equipped, Well-Timed Blocks also grant charges.
  • Martial Artist - Relic
    • During Basic Attacks, your Champions gain +20% Attack rating, +30% Buff & Debuff duration and +20% Offensive Combat Power Rate. If the Attacker has a Relic equipped, Defensive Combat Power Rate is also increased by +30%.

Common Hacks: 

There were no changes to Common Hacks with this update.

Defender and Champion Pool Changes

Champion and Defender Pools have received a complete restructuring. With that comes a Cut list of Champions and Buffs we felt had too much of a chance to create impossible or unfair/not fun scenarios. Anything included in the Cut list will not appear in Incursions anymore.

Champions Cut (10 Total)

**Some of these champions weren’t in the mode previously but are still cut**

  1. Domino
  2. Iceman
  3. Magik
  4. Dormammu
  5. Electro
  6. Galan
  7. Jessica Jones
  8. Mojo
  9. Taskmaster
  10. Mantis

Buffs Cut (24 total)

  1. Thermostat
  2. Vigor
  3. All Or Nothing
  4. Escalation
  5. Particle Protector - 3 - AA
  6. Starburst
  7. Can't Stop Won't Stop
  8. Counter Tactics
  9. Bane
  10. Redoubled Determination - 3
  11. Surging Vengeance
  12. Pressure Gauge - 1
  13. Equally Balanced
  14. Coward
  15. Close Encounters
  16. Chaos
  17. Gambler's Fate
  18. Soft Guard - 1
  19. Mesmerize
  20. Special Delivery
  21. Schadenfreude - 2
  22. Blood in the Water - 3
  23. E.M.P. Modification
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    MrFullStopMrFullStop Posts: 148 ★★
    edited August 2023
    amazing changes, well done.
    - question, since now there is a cap on hacks, what will happen when I get another hack? will it replace a random hack or it will let me choose?
    - also, I'm not familiar with nodes' names, but I really hope all of the nodes that penalize you ((power gain wise)) for having buff is all cut out.
    e.g. enemy will get huge power if your buffs expire.
    - final question: is the cap for incursion artifacts still the same? or it will be increased
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    edited August 2023
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    willrun4adonutwillrun4adonut Posts: 3,418 ★★★★★
    edited August 2023
    I thought the old node was much longer than 2 seconds, or was it always this short?. Any idea on how I can get 3 power stings now? It seems like they'd fall off to fast to get that sp3 lock.
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    Carmel1Carmel1 Posts: 629 ★★★

    tf is AVE and AVA?

    i wonder the same thing
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    HatsumomoHatsumomo Posts: 8
    1125 T3A/ 1425 T6B-
    Paragon Cost : 2268
    Thronebreaker Cost : 739
    Purchase limits are same. Is this because Paragon can buy Thronebreaker rewards also which essentially means more of these for Paragons over Thronebreaker? Or is it a mistake or something I'm not understanding. Similar thing for 6* Hero Crystal Shards as well and other things too.
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    Kabam JaxKabam Jax Posts: 1,679
    Made a couple corrections:
    Sig Stone prices were wrong for the Body Filaments Store
    Clarified AVE & AVA game modes

    Thanks everyone!
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    hi_im_sirhi_im_sir Posts: 271 ★★
    edited August 2023
    will there be titles at the end of certain zones like last time?
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    AO65AO65 Posts: 8
    will there be a legends title available to acquire like last time ?
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    TwitchPanda46TwitchPanda46 Posts: 1
    Will there be a legends title available at the last zone like last time?
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    magnus_xixmagnus_xix Posts: 2,019 ★★★★★
    Will there be titles to obtain at the end of the last zone like last time?
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    LordSmasherLordSmasher Posts: 1,415 ★★★★★
    I'm impressed by the scope of changes. Seems like a big effort to make it more fun which is great.
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    AshacekarAshacekar Posts: 1,836 ★★★★
    edited August 2023
    "Going it alone" should be either "Going for it alone" or "Going in alone". That's the only thing rest seems good.
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    Prismane1269Prismane1269 Posts: 217

    Will there be titles to obtain at the end of the last zone like last time?

    Yes I guess. But hope it doesn’t happen
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    Crow9074Crow9074 Posts: 67
    Seems like it's becoming more of a roguelike mode now.
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