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Hey just hoping for any tips the team im probably gonna run is all 4 stars starlord 5/50 sig 99 hyperion 5/50 sig 55 iceman 4/40 sig 61 gwenpool 4/40 and either quake rogue or mephisto all 4/40


  • I dont have a power control champ
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    Yikes, you might end up spending quite a bit of revives. I would advise that you treat him as stun immune, and whenever you can hit him do a 4 hit combo, dash back, and then dash forward. Most of the time you'll get an intercept. Keep doing that over and over, even when he gets to a special. You could try to block specials the first couple times, but eventually they'll be unblockable so just go balls to the walls.
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    @Gioginos - any chance you have a 4* Hulk and 4*Thor Ragnarok?
  • Ok man and i have hulk no thor
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    Gioginos wrote: »
    Ok man and i have hulk no thor

    I used my 5/50 4* Hulk against the collector for my 1st run thru. He did quite well. When he dies, just revive so you get the Hulk smash, no health needed.

    By the time I started my 100% runs I had a Thor Ragnarok and his synergy with Hulk is amazing - Hulk becomes indestructible. The collector was much easier.
  • My hulks unawakened :( but that would be sweet to have
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    @Gioginos you are going to die when you fight the collector unless you are off the charts good at evading or you have OG Vision or Stark Spiderman. Best thing imo is don't try to evade his specials. I did it a few times with NC but it wasn't consistent enough to be worth it. Best thing you can do is do as much damage as possible and take him to L3 (at which point you die). Anyone who can chain stun is helpful (like Thor) because you can extend the period in which you do damage.
  • Ya i figured if wasnt gonna be clean but ya im stacking up on team revives now
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    Best of luck on your journey! ;)
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    I'd choose Rogue for life steal, but Mephisto is great because of his immunities
  • Will unawaked AA be useful
  • I just used Daredevil "Clasic" and he did an amazing job at evading his L1 and L2.
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    @Gioginos don't bother with archangel, the way the collector works it will be impossible to land heavy attacks effiently. Just use your heavy hitters over and over
  • Is their some sorta tactic to use hyperion against him like u think its viable to dodge around and try to get as many sp3s as possible
  • Ok i beat him i may have over hyped how bad it was gonna be hyperion was super clutch at the start and he was still taling bleed damage when he was below 20% which he isnt supposed to right
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    Gioginos wrote: »
    Ok i beat him i may have over hyped how bad it was gonna be hyperion was super clutch at the start and he was still taling bleed damage when he was below 20% which he isnt supposed to right

    Congrats! Yea I'm pretty sure the collector gains immunity...but hyperion doesn't do bleed
  • Lol should have clarified bleed was gwenpool and the incinerate worked as well when it wasnt shrugged off on hyperions sp1
  • With a decent combo Gwenpool can ignore opponent's abilities. That's likely what happened.
  • I thought she had to be awakened for that and I definitely didnt get a high combo on him 😂
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    Hulk, even unawakened, is a good choice.

    I'm sure about Thor Ragnarok, but og Thor is also a good choice. I liked guys who could stun with their specials. I would just spam those as long as I could. Reviving is something that you need to just count on.

    I didn't have GP when I went through it, but she might be good as well just because of the stun. But it's a bit riskier with her because you don't know for sure if it'll proc. Thankfully, she can eat a special, so it'll give you another run.

    Some liked DD for him, because he'll auto evade the specials. That seemed fine, but he doesn't do enough damage.
  • You need a 4* max Hulk duped. Do 4 hit combos otherwise.
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