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Terrible Connection Issues After Fights

Yo guys, been quite a while since my last post - i encountered a new connection bug that my device (IOS) seems to have. After every single fight, the only screen that shows is the idle victory animation of the champ with the loading circle and red-wifi icon. Doesn't matter what connection i use - cellular, wifi, nothing works. Wifi and cellular work perfectly fine outside of mcoc though. Do the rest of you guys have any similar issues or fixes?


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    right now the servers feel unstable, you might have to wait a bit till get gets stable again.
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    Vegeta9001Vegeta9001 Posts: 1,548 ★★★★★
    Don't do anything important, because the fight concludes after the d/c but it doesn't count as a win. Kicked me out of my zone 18 incursions and took one of my alliance mates attempts off him on Halls of fortune or whatever it is today but no rewards.
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    RapRap Posts: 3,203 ★★★★
    Was happening to me 5 min ago. Kicks me out of the game after every fight.
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    BmanBman Posts: 228
    Literally endless load times. Literally going back to last year. This year has been worse. Seems like every single month just adds to the problem!! Literally #1 reason I finally stopped playing arena after playing since day 1. Slowed down last year because of loading, completely quit arena like 3 months ago. Should take 2.5hrs just for my 6* (give or take 15min). Always takes well over 3hrs???? All cause loading issues. Over 330,000 arena wins. Would be close to 400,000 arena wins if it wasn’t for endless loading ****!!!
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