Paragon Gauntlet Team

Just finished the Paragon Gauntlet for November's Side Quest, and wanted to share my team in case anyone wanted some advice

Hulkling (w/ Wiccan for Stun Immune) Vs Hulk
Morbius (Bleed and Petrify) Vs Sasquatch
Morbius -> Red Hulk
Hulking (Poison Immune) vs Ibom
Wiccan (Armor Break and Control Inversion Immune) vs Knull
Wiccan -> Bishop
Red Hulk (Absorbs Incinerate, not Immune) vs Kushala
Bishop (Passive stuns) vs Chee'lith


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    Sachhyam257Sachhyam257 Posts: 1,018 ★★★★
    I went for:
    Sandman, abs man, and valk.

    Hulk -> Valk
    Sassy -> Sandman
    Ibom -> Sandman
    Knull -> Abs man

    Then switched out Abs man for Hulkling.

    Kushala -> Sandman
    Chee'ilth -> Hulkling

    Ngl, kinda tempted to take Sandman to r4/r5 after this...
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    MrSakuragiMrSakuragi Posts: 4,264 ★★★★★
    Everything with Kingpin except Morbius for Sassy and OG Storm for Chee’ilth.
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    TheShinyDomeTheShinyDome Posts: 185 ★★
    My team was Joe, Abs, and Bishop. Joe took most of the fights no problem, with Abs taking Knull easily, and Bishop crushing Chee'ilth.
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    OpandemonioOpandemonio Posts: 1,225 ★★★★
    I used Black Cat for Hulk
    Morbius for Sasquatch
    Hulkling for IBom

    Switched Black Cat with Wiccan for Knull
    Morbius for Kushala
    Switched Wiccan with Moonstar for Chee’ilth
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    HendrossHendross Posts: 951 ★★★
    Valk, quicksilver, hulking, doom, torch, doom
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    flapjaxflapjax Posts: 285 ★★★
    I did Hulkling, Morbius and Kingpin.

    Kingpin for Hulk, Morbius for Sassy, Hulkling for iBom, Hulkling/Kingpin for Knull, Kingpin for Kushala and Hulkling for Cheeilth.
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