What are the non-whale sources of Titan crystals the rest of the year?

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After some disappointing pulls from the Titan crystals (all old champions), I am trying to figure out when my next chances are to open more Titan crystal.

From what I can see:
This month: 8.4 exploration gets you 20k shards.
Next Winter of Woe runs: potentially gets you 20k shards by June or July.
July offers.
And then .... nothing aside from the other Winter of Woe's?

Hopefully there will be more FTP-friendly sources, because getting 'bad' pulls and not being able to get more reliably is very de-motivating.


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    Duping a 7*
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    There will be new EOP type content also
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    Emilia90 said:

    Battlegrounds gives you 2.5k shards every season

    Sure it‘s every season from now on? I didn‘t see any mention of the change being permanent (they didn‘t say it‘s a one-time thing, either…)
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