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Game down?



  • aaaan there we go again
  • BrandoniusBrandonius Posts: 292
    First Wednesday of the month. Plan for this day to be a downer
  • Aoddv1Aoddv1 Posts: 24
    Yup same good to know we will get nothing for all the troubles today
  • Spurgeon14Spurgeon14 Posts: 1,665 ★★★★
    Yep, was in the middle of arena fight...thanks Kb.
  • Lunchbox45Lunchbox45 Posts: 250 ★★
    Great... 2 paths left for act 5 completion and now this **** again! This is getting old, Kabam! I dont even care about compensation just fix the god damn problem!
  • Yep. Members in my Ally reporting connections issues as well
  • Kludge77Kludge77 Posts: 51
    Vegeta9001 wrote: »
    I dream of a time when all these bugs go away, year one of this game was so nice with minimal bugs. Now we get bugs new and old alike every update.

    I feel like this all started when we gave Drax his blades. I'm pretty sure that is the root cause... :wink:
  • BrandoniusBrandonius Posts: 292
    The monthly quest won’t be up until tomorrow so issues now should be unrelated?
  • Whatnot72056Whatnot72056 Posts: 87
    So, I was in arena and got the its not me its you messages and my connection is fine? What's going on? Curious.
  • ViciousJViciousJ Posts: 256
    If they were testing it they would’ve told us in advance for emergency maintenance.. it’s called game crashing
  • Adamdrt2006Adamdrt2006 Posts: 429
    I was doing my duals on my lunch break I guess I only get to do 3
  • spaceoakspaceoak Posts: 122
    Same here. Game down.
  • Scarlett_Scarlett_ Posts: 273
    Getting sick of losing my streak on area beginning to lose interest waste of time
    hi, same here
  • weapon_xtreme83weapon_xtreme83 Posts: 110
    I bet they have events for maintenance. If so the Kabam developers don't just reach every milestone but they're #1 in rank rewards!
  • Spurgeon14Spurgeon14 Posts: 1,665 ★★★★
    Game is down
  • Its the first time this year, right?? Someone should mark all issues like this and we can see how the year was by end of december
  • Just logging in for alpha cat arena... can’t play... doesn’t matter - who even needs alpha cats anyway?! Lol.., sort out ya **** kabam!!!!
  • ShawnShazimShawnShazim Posts: 22
    But wasn't maintenance just last night.. It's not even a full 24 hrs. EQ didn't drop so what possible bug could we have complained about within Story mode or Arena?
  • f9_absf9_abs Posts: 126
    Thanks for the confirmation guys! @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious @Ad0ra_ can you please check?
  • Is the event quest even coming out today? I am legitimately asking because I've heard it isn't. I hope thats just sarcasm...
  • Vossler77Vossler77 Posts: 683 ★★
    Hey y'all -

    We're currently investigating this! We'll get a post up on it so we can update everyone from there. Thanks for your patience, gang.

    Thx for the heads up
  • BrandoniusBrandonius Posts: 292
    Tomorrow at 10am PST from what I have read
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 19,516 ★★★★★
    Lets take a minute to realize they are working releasing the new quest before jumping the gun and freaking out and asking for compensation, bashing kabam and bombarding Kabam Miike, ect....
  • RichiesDad79RichiesDad79 Posts: 996 ★★★
    So much for getting the reward their I was aiming for
    Always starts as I finally sit down for the time im allotted to play.
  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    Thank you.
  • FEARZ_0FEARZ_0 Posts: 69
    edited January 2018
    They actually aren’t, they just posted to say they’re investigated and will have a post up addressing the situation as soon as possible... so it’s completely unrelated to the EQ not being out yet
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