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It'll be nice to be able to get 4 star characters easier with crystals, because I purchase a lot n do events to get crystals n it's hard to get a 4 star, I've been playing for about 2 years n barely have around 4 characters that are 4 star


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    Play more and find a alliance, over the last few weeks I've pulled way more than that and I have multiple 4* who are over sig level 60 also more than half of mine are duped
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    @Eddmane, sorry to hear that you only managed to get around 4 char of 4* despite purchasing crystals.
    It occurs to me that you may not be very active in the game, probably for a good reason due to things in life

    I no longer use any unit to buy any of those offered crystals, as the drop rate is no diff from any other PHC. However, I harvest alot of PHC from arena grinding and event accomplishment in order to increase the chances to pull new 4* or dup existing 4* for ISO. On top of that, I also actively grind arena week-in week-out, as this is one of the best way to get a desired 4* champ for sure (assuming I know how to estimate the necessary cut-off points).

    So far it works well for me. I played much shorter in this game then you, back in June-2017 I merely have a handful of 4* champs like you. However, from June till Dec (over 7 months), I managed to collect 60+ new 4* champs, plus 2 dozens more as dupped. Out of these, half the new ones are from 4* basic arena grinding. In addition, I also managed to pull 9 new 5* champs (including decent ones like Angela, Guillotine and Rogue).

    I'm not super active, but I did invest many hours over each weekends to grind the arena. Hopefully you manage to either get better luck with your crystal opening, or you manage to harvest more PHC to increase the 4* champs dropping out of them. Good luck!
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    You need to play every day and be in an alliance with 30 members who play every day with 3 battle groups if you want to advance. It doesn't need to take crazy amounts of time. We don't require arena grinding for example. But anything less and you will never really advance in the game.
  • Thanks guys👍
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    Don't buy crystals. Except if you want lose units and get more 2*s.
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