Marvels Most Wanted looking for active players

We're looking to fill 10 spots after an alliance split. Need level 45+ and to stay active in aq and aw. We run map 3-4 and aw tier 11-12 for every event. Casual alliance with some good people. No line required biweekly sa. No donations or event minimums.

If interested check out the alliance [-MMW-] Marvels Most Wanted and join up or add me Egret M4 or any of the officers for more info.


  • EgretM4EgretM4 Posts: 155 ★★
    Still looking for interested active members
  • BobomanBoboman Posts: 716 ★★
    Im interested
  • EgretM4EgretM4 Posts: 155 ★★
    Cool boboman search the alliance or my ign Egret M4 and join up if you want, we're set to open right now. The only requirement is level 45+
  • Nezz44Nezz44 Posts: 11
    Interested, but I can’t find ya
  • EgretM4EgretM4 Posts: 155 ★★
    Just sent an invite to you nezz44. If you didn't get it search "egret m4" with a space between
  • EgretM4EgretM4 Posts: 155 ★★
    Still searching for active players.
  • EgretM4EgretM4 Posts: 155 ★★
    We're looking again for some active players. Level 50 150k minimum. Contact me Egret M4 or find the alliance and join we're set to open enroll now
  • EgretM4EgretM4 Posts: 155 ★★
    One change Line is now required
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